James Buckley: I've overachieved

Talking to Kate Thornton on Yahoo's White White Question Time podcast, James and Clair Buckley discuss their YouTube success, respond to reports that they've earned a million off Cameo, and much more.

Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: You are still very much in demand with your audience. I mean, apparently you're one of the most requested on Cameo. And I mean, a variety of newspapers have reported that you're one of its highest earners, with a suggestion of almost a million pounds a year.


JAMES BUCKLEY: Yeah. Only-- only almost a million? I'm going to need to have a word with those guys at [? camp. ?]

KATE THORNTON: I mean, it was "The Daily Star," so I'm not putting too much next to it.

JAMES BUCKLEY: I've overachieved. I've way overachieved. Yeah. There's no way someone with my level of talent should have got to the position I've got to on things like "The Inbetweeners."

KATE THORNTON: You're proper YouTubers. You're living every teenage boy and girls dream.

JAMES BUCKLEY: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, we're just the same. It is an ideal way to make a living. It really is. You get to be creative, you get to grow an audience and you get to interact with those people. It's a really fun way to live your life if you're fortunate enough to be able to do that.

It's for better or for worse every day.

CLAIR BUCKLEY: It's a constant battle. JAMES BUCKLEY: Do you know what? The amount of times I hear Claire just walking around the house just whispering to herself--


JAMES BUCKLEY: (WHISPERS) --for better, for worse.

For me, marriage is going great. Love it. I'm having a brilliant time. Can't believe my luck. Enjoying myself thoroughly.

Oh, we're not going to-- we can't split up now. It's like the [? mini, ?] this relationship.

CLAIR BUCKLEY: It's too late. There's too much at stake.

JAMES BUCKLEY: Too much has gone into it. And all right, yeah, it still doesn't work.


JAMES BUCKLEY: But we can't leave it now.

CLAIR BUCKLEY: No, we're going to have to just stick with it.

JAMES BUCKLEY: Because it's not worth selling.



JAMES BUCKLEY: You'll never get what you put into it back again.