Viewers point out problem with Jamie Oliver's cooking show

The celeb chef whips up meals using seasonal produce in Jamie Cooks Spring

Pictured: Jamie Oliver holding.asparagus.
Jamie Oliver cooked some salmon on his new show. (Channel 4)

Jamie Oliver's latest cooking show has come under fire from viewers who reckon one of his dishes was a bit too pricey amid the cost of living crisis.

Channel 4 series Jamie Cooks Spring sees the celeb chef rustling up delicious looking meals using the best of seasonal produce. In Monday's instalment (May 13), his culinary creations included a broad bean mezze and a rhubarb and custard tart.

But it was the stuffed salmon that got viewers talking, with a few people on X suggesting that the meal would have been pretty expensive.

Oliver served up the stuffed salmon along with a wild garlic pesto. He did suggest salmon fillets could be on offer but it seems some viewers weren't convinced.

Some fans thought Jamie Oliver's dish might be quite costly. (Channel 4 screengrab)
Some fans thought Jamie Oliver's dish might be quite costly. (Channel 4 screengrab)

"How many is this recipe supposed to serve??" one viewer asked on X. "That amount of salmon would cost a small fortune, plus asparagus for the stuffing and a ton of prosciutto to drape over it..." "Perhaps it’s the kind of thing Mrs Sunak knocks up for tea but we’re not all minted," they quipped.

One thought the dish was "like 40 quid plus" and another posted: "Two whole sides of wild salmon, (home made) freshly foraged wild garlic pesto, prosciutto and your own grown new potatoes. Another fabulously affordable frugal meal for everyone to try."

"Jamie Oliver cooking £80 quid worth of salmon is the cost of living crisis meal idea we need!" said someone else. "Jamie CBA with cooking food for the cozzy livs anymore," said someone else. "Two sides of salmon!?" they asked.

However, the meal looked incredible despite the complaints and one viewer quipped: "Salivating watching Jamie cook and eat that salmon."

Pictured: Jamie Oliver  in his garden with a basket of greens in hand.
Jamie Oliver uses seasonal produce in his latest show. (Channel 4)

The episode also saw Oliver's wife Jools join him in his kitchen, which actually appears to be inside a large shed. He served her up some chicken and the pair - who have five children together - sat at his desk to eat together.

Once they had finished, the chef jokingly asked his wife if she'd stay to help him wash up.