Jennifer Aniston’s hilarious pedicure hack is a reminder she’s just like us

jennifer aniston nail polish hack
Jen's hilare beauty hack proves she's just like usGetty Images

It's crazy to think Jennifer Aniston didn't join Instagram till 2019. What a Jen shaped hole in the platform that must have been. TBF, she hit a world record reaching 1M followers in a few hours, and 16M in just over a week. Even the rest of the Friends cast gained over a million followers each when she joined. We were screaming out for her content.

Content like this hilariously relatable moment in an utterly glam (but totally sweet) reel of a recent press tour to Paris, promoting her new film sequel Murder Mystery 2, with Adam Sandler.

Between the fancy hotels, furs, sparkling gown and even sparkling-er Eiffel Tower, Jen shared a totally relatable moment, giving her pedicure a nudge in the right (read: dry) direction, with a hair dryer. Don't even try to tell us you've never had your feet in the sink (or if you keep your head in stressful situations... the tub) hoping cold water will get your pedi to dry, half an hour after you were meant to leave the house.

While her hair stylist is at work, a robed Jen blasts her freshly painted red toes with the hair tool in an attempt to get them dry within the busy schedule of the European trip, telling fans and followers: "This is glam".

Given her character in the movie is a New York City hairdresser turned detective in Europe, this relatable on-the-go glam feels pretty in-keeping. As does the song choice, Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker's American Girl. We're particularly enjoying the comment that says: "The one where Rachel made it to Paris 😍"

But if you're going to try this hack at home, be sure to only use the cool shot setting on your hairdryer, or you might be there a while...

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