Jeremy Clarkson's girlfriend Lisa Hogan hasn't lost hope of him proposing

Lisa Hogan hints at proposal from Jeremy Clarkson after seven years together

Lisa Hogan is always by Jeremy Clarkson's side. (Prime Video)
Lisa Hogan is always by Jeremy Clarkson's side. (Prime Video)

Lisa Hogan remains ever the hopeful romantic as she admitted she always thinks Jeremy Clarkson's surprises will be a proposal.

Their love story has played out on our screens during the farm documentary series Clarkson's Farm for three seasons now but they have been swept up in a romance for seven years together. This season Hogan has been a great support to Clarkson while helping birth the animals as well as sticking together when they lost so many piglets.

It's nearing the end of season three and the scene was perfect for a proposal. In scenes filmed last spring, the lovebirds had been strolling through a spring meadow alongside their two dogs when Clarkson revealed he had a big surprise in store for his girlfriend.

Clarkson teased his girlfriend about his upcoming surprise in the woodland on Diddly Squat farm. He told her: "I've got a big surprise for you." It seemed he hadn't considered though that his girlfriend might be hoping he will get down on one knee.

The Diddly Squat shop manager sighed like she was in a romance film before she dared to ask the bold question. Keen to beat Clarkson to the surprise, she questioned him: "Is it a proposal?"

Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson sharing a romantic moment on Clarkson's Farm. (Prime Video)
Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson sharing a romantic moment on Clarkson's Farm. (Prime Video)

Instead of being met with romance, the former Grand Tour presenter burst out laughing while walking ahead of her across the field. However, his girlfriend wasn't disheartened by his reaction to her question and she quickly caught up with him.

The shop manager admitted she always thinks her partner is going to pop the question when there is a surprise on the cards. She told him and the cameras: "Every time I think you've got a surprise, I think he's going to propose!"

Rather encouragingly, she looped her arm through his as they walked together in the meadow together. At this point, Clarkson was still clearly amused as he laughed along. His girlfriend added: "Every time."

So what was Clarkson's surprise? Unfortunately for his girlfriend it was much less romantic. He took her into the woodland where the big tree had fallen down but now it was towering over them again. He said: "Remember the tree fell down? We had to put it back up again. Come have a look... Look at that. That's the tree we put back up."

His girlfriend was in awe. She said: "Wow."

Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson live at Diddly Squat farm.
Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson live at Diddly Squat farm. (Prime Video)

Clarkson shared his delight that they were able to save the tree. He said: "I'm so happy it'd been down for 6 months and it's alive."

"Well done, that's really nice," his girlfriend complimented him. Then she cheekily quipped she wasn't ready for a proposal after all while tapping him affectionately on the chest. She told him: "I'll think about the proposal. I'm not ready yet." Notably, Clarkson didn't say anything while he did have a confused expression written on his face.

While their love isn't the centre of the farming show, the couple support each other through the toughest times and celebrate the highs. Previously, cheeky Hogan had said she proposed to Clarkson but he didn't hear her. "Jeremy doesn’t think I proposed but he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids, so no one will know," she told The Times.

The shop manager has spoken about how farming has brought out a softer side in her partner. She said: "Every day it's emotional whether it's really happy because the weather is perfect and you can get on with the job at hand or it’s miserable if it’s raining the crops are failing and you can’t do a thing.

Lisa Hogan loves life on Clarkson's Farm.
Lisa Hogan loves life on Clarkson's Farm. (Prime Video)

"It’s very difficult to be unemotional about it. So, yes, I don’t want to go against what he’s said but I definitely think he’s becoming more a man of the land than a man of the road."

She added: "Whatever you think, it's an emotional job. You know, let's talk about the weather: yesterday was beautiful, everything turned green here, and hopefully it’ll stay green until the crops are taken in. But when it's raining and raining and raining, you get frustrated as you just want to get on with the job in hand."

Plus, Hogan revealed how moving to the countryside changed her life with Clarkson. Speaking at a recent Q&A held at Diddly Squat Farm, she said: "Life has become a lot less frenetic and a lot busier... There is never nothing to do. It's just always busy, but it's less frenetic."

She added: "It's just more natural because it's seasonal, so you know what to expect. It's either a good things or bad things about the seasons. The animals are born and so you know what's going to happen, but it's just a lot busier."

All episodes from Clarkson's Farm season three are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video now.