Only a third of Labour Leave voters approve of Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit stance, poll shows

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Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn (centre) outside Finsbury Park station, London, whilst on the General Election campaign trail.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit stance is popular with Remainers but less so with his party's Leavers. (PA Images)

New polling has revealed the extent of the split Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy has created in the Labour party.

YouGov has released data where thousands of voters who backed either Labour or the Tories in 2017 were asked about a scenario where, after this election, a new EU referendum is held.

The referendum asks whether to stay in the EU or leave with a renegotiated deal and the governing party stays neutral in the campaign.

Nearly half of Labour’s 2017 voters who backed Leave in the 2016 referendum think that would represent a bad outcome while almost two-thirds of Labour Remainers would welcome the move.

YouGov polled 3,396 adults in Britain between November 24 - 26.

Mr Corbyn’s approach is actually more popular with 2017 Tory voters who supported Remain in the 2016 referendum, with half of those surveyed viewing it positively.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has his photo taken with a supporter in Nottingham, while on the General Election campaign trail.
Mr Corbyn has tried to define himself as an "honest broker" by being neutral in a second referendum. (PA Images)

Brexit policy has been a continuous headache for the Labour leader who has had to balance supporters’ opposing views and tried to define a clear party stance on the issue.

The Conservatives have positioned themselves as the party of Brexit while the Liberal Democrats entered the election pledging to cancel it altogether.

Mr Corbyn has cast his position as being an “honest broker” and said that he would “carry out the result of that (second) referendum”.

In total, 63% of 2017 Labour voters who backed Remain told YouGov the outcome would be either “a very good outcome” or a “fairly good outcome” while a further 18% would view it as “an acceptable compromise”.

But just 36% of Labour Leavers felt the same way. Instead, 33% said it would be a “very bad outcome” and 15% reporting it would be “fairly bad”.

Despite Boris Johnson attacking Mr Corbyn’s neutral stance, 50% of Remain-supporting Tory voters from 2017 would support a second referendum with the governing party being neutral.

81% of 2017 Tory voters who backed Leave said it would be a bad outcome, with just 11% prepared to stomach it.

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