Jessica Chastain Responds To Viral Oscar Isaac Arm Kiss Moment

Photo credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto - Getty Images
Photo credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto - Getty Images

After Oscar Isaac's red carpet display of sizzling sexual chemistry with longtime friend Jessica Chastain at the Venice Film Festival went viral over the weekend, the actress has address the mounting hysteria.

In case you missed it, which, we doubt you did, the two actors posed on the red carpet at the illustrious festival for the premiere of their HBO mini-series Scenes From A Marriage.

But this was no standard red carpet co-star, arm-in-arm, smiles for the camera routine. Amid the flurry of flashing cameras, Isaac stopped to look at his co-star, caress her arm - which was on his shoulder - and tenderly nestle his face into it, seemingly kissing her in the crook of her arm, which was met with a giggle by Chastain.

The sheer intimacy, allure and flirtation of the gesture - which was captured in slo-motion by videographers, and can be seen in full above - sent the internet into a flustered spin.

Now, Chastain has addressed going viral with two hilarious nods to the moment on social media.

On September 6th, Chastain shared a still from the Adamms family movie showing Gomez Addams - iconically - kissing Morticia's arm. Accompanying the photo, Chastain simply wrote the date, September 12, which is when Scenes From A Marriage is released.

Later, the Oscar-nominated actress responded to an Instagram comment by fellow actress Mindy Kaling, who questioned 'why is Oscar Issac the only person allowed to kiss your inner arm?' to which Chastain responded: 'Don't hate lol'.

For those marvelling at the chemistry between Chastain and Isaac, it's not really surprising. While, no, they are not romantically involved IRL (both are married to other people, and have children), Scenes From A Marriage will be their second time playing a married couple as they previously starred opposite each other in A Most Violent Year in 2014.

Photo credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto - Getty Images
Photo credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto - Getty Images

The actors are also longtime friends, having met while both studying at the prestigious Juilliard school of performing arts in New York City in their twenties and remaining (evidently) close ever since.

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