Jimmy Carr hilariously puts controversial moment from past into Room 101 during guest appearance

Credit: BBC)
Credit: BBC)

This week’s episode of Room 101 came with an added twist of irony, when Jimmy Carr made a guest appearance, popping something particularly interesting into the vault.

On the latest episode (airing on Friday, 2 February), Carr, 45, threw something more meaningful – and controversial – into Room 101: tax loopholes.

Obviously this is significant to him, after being named as one of the high profiled names using the now infamous K2 tax avoidance scheme in 2012. After the comedian admitted he’d ‘made a terrible error of judgement’ regarding the decision to use the initiative, the label of ‘tax avoider’ has followed him around ever since.

Despite Carr’s actions being totally legal, it didn’t stop the press from branding him immoral. Even former prime minister David Cameron got involved and voiced his disapproval, describing his the star’s actions as ‘morally wrong’.

Carr took to Twitter at the time to publicly share his thoughts on the matter, expressing his regret and the damage it had caused his image.

Cut to almost six years later and, in typical Carr fashion, he’s more than comfortable mocking the once controversial headline that encumbered his name.

It’s refreshing that, as a comedian who frequently pushes boundaries for taste and decency, he can make fun of his own dire situation that could’ve easily ended his career when he was splashed across headlines.

(Credit: BBC)
(Credit: BBC)

Carr joins former The Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes and Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat on the show that will air this Friday, 2 February, on BBC One at 8.30pm.

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