Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle admires namesake's artwork in Met Museum


It’s not every day you see a life-sized turtle walking around admiring museum artwork.

And it’s even less likely that it’d be a quarter of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes foursome Michelangelo, off to admire the classical artistry of his namesake in a new exhibition.

(Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
(Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

But that’s what happened when hero in a half-shell Michelangelo was spotted casually checking out the latest art exhibit in New York, titled Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designer.

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, who were hosting the exhibition, shared the playful photos to their four million followers, as they welcomed the green machine on Thursday, 25 January to see the works of genius his Renaissance artist namesake was famed for.

The fictional character is actually a Family Travel Ambassador for NYC & Company, with ‘food and fun’ being Michelangelo’s specialty. Leader Leonardo is ‘in charge’ of Monuments and Retreats, with Donatello heading up Scientific Discoveries, and Raphael fronting Out and About.

The photo opportunity was a way of drawing attention to the exhibition that concludes on 12 February, in the hope of attracting even more visitors between now and then.

And it was fair to say that TMNT fans loved seeing the fictional character checking out the art.

(Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art)
(Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art)

While entry to the museum and exhibit is, at present, technically free for New York State residents and students from the tristate area, they do ask for as ‘generous as you can’ donations, with recommendations of $25.

Out-of-towners are charged a set-priced ticket admission.

Which led to some asking the following question…

(Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
(Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

The giant turtle looked to be learning a lot after spending his time at the museum – although we’re quite not sure they allowed any pizza near such priceless artwork.

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