Joe Wicks instructs PE lesson for thousands after breaking hand bone in accident

Ben and Isaac Rickett follow P.E with Joe, a fitness workout by Joe Wicks that is aimed at children that are being home schooled due to Covid-19. (Photo by Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images)

Joe Wicks took to hosting the first of his live streamed PE lessons on Monday morning, albeit with a broken bone in his hand after an accident at the weekend.

As he performed the workout on his Youtube channel, Wicks explained why he was wearing a black support brace around his hand and assured that it would not affect him delivering a routine every weekday.

He told watchers: "I had a bit of an accident at the weekend, on my bike I fell off and I've broken a bone in my hand so I can't do any press-ups or anything.

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"It's not going to hold me back though, I'm not going to let you down, I'm going to be here every day.

"I'm going to be doing everything I can, I'm adapting them."

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The first of his PE lessons reached a peak of over 800,000 live viewers on the video platform.

Last week saw the fitness guru announce he would be the “nation’s PE teacher” in the wake of the news that in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus, schools would only be open to the children of key workers.

Wicks - aka the Body Coach - has promised 30-minute sessions catered to children from Monday through Friday at 9am.

He’s not the only famous face helping to keep people occupied as Great British Bake Off presenter Noel Fielding has been conducting an art club from his Twitter account.

The comedian has encouraged people of all ages to send in their artworks after he’s chosen the theme of the day, with one piece picked as the winner to enter the ‘Art Club Hall of Fame’.