John Cusack accused of antisemitism after controversial Star of David tweet

Jacob Stolworthy

John Cusack has swiftly deleted a tweet after being accused of antisemitism.

The actor retweeted an image of a giant hand, emblazoned with a Star of David symbol, overpowering a group of people, featuring the caption: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise."

While the image claims the quote was from French satirist Voltaire, it was actually spoken by white nationalist Kevin Alfred Strom.

Cusack retweeted the message with the words: "Follow the money".

After this was brought to his attention, Cusack wrote: "A bot got me. I thought I was endorsing a pro Palestinian justice retweet of an earlier post. It came I think from a different source. Shouldn’t have retweeted."

He went on to write: "It's clear that even if it was Israel's flag & even if you don't have antisemitic bone in your body, it is still an antisemitic cartoon. Because it deploys anti Jewish stereotypes in its attacks on Israel, even if those critiques about state violence are legit.”

However, many Twitter users have since pointed out that the High Fidelity actor seemingly defended his tweet before deleting it.

When someone asked him why he'd tweeted the image, Cusack wrote in a post he's since deleted: "You think Israel isn't commuting atrocities against Palestinians? What planet are you on?"

The Independent has reached out to Cusack for comment.