John Lewis Christmas advert storyline leaves some 'confused' and Charlotte Hawkins in tears

The John Lewis Christmas advert has become nearly as hotly-anticipated as the big day itself – and the 2017 version has finally dropped.

Despite the company’s huge £7 million spend to bring this year’s main character, Moz the Monster, to life, not everyone is overawed by the two-minute clip.

The advert sees a little lad, Joe, make friends with Moz, who is sleeping under the youngster’s bed when he snores a bit too loudly one day, waking him up.

But some Twitter users have become confused by the storyline, which sees Joe scared of Moz at first before becoming pals with him and then seemingly happy when he disappears at the end.

Joe in John Lewis’s 2017 Christmas advert
Joe in John Lewis’s 2017 Christmas advert

One Twitter user wrote: “The storyline gets confusing, kid’s afraid, kid’s not afraid, get’s star lights, so the monster goes away, but he wasn’t scared after all (sic)”

Another viewer tweeted: “I’m confused about the John Lewis Advert. I thought him and the monster were friends? Why was he happy to see him go? Is sleep more important than friendship? Oh wait, maybe I do agree with that!(sic)”

John Lewis Christmas ad 2017 stars Moz and Joe
John Lewis Christmas ad 2017 stars Moz and Joe

Some were also perplexed as to whether Moz was real or not – but if he was a figment of Joe’s imagination, why was he able to make the bed move when he hid under it?

And how could he physically carry Joe back to his bed?

One star who was critical of the storyline was YouTube sensation Zoella, who insisted it “lacked emotion”.

She tweeted: “Just watched the John Lewis ad but have to say it wasn’t my favourite! I’m not sure I get the storyline?! I feel like it lacked emotion which is one of the many reasons I love the ads they create! What do you think? (sic)”

But the advert’s emotion was not lost on Good Morning Britain co-host Charlotte Hawkins, who, herself, got emotional while watching it on the programme earlier today.

She burst into tears, but blamed her crying on a hard night partying at the ITV Gala.

Charlotte said: “Christmas adverts always get me. Sorry, just move on it’s fine.

Moz the Monster [Copyright: John Lewis]
Moz the Monster [Copyright: John Lewis]

“I think … we had a big night last night and then all of a sudden you give me a Christmas advert.”

The soundtrack that accompanies the advert, which was directed by Oscar-winnter Michel Gondry, is a cover of The Beatles’ Golden Slumbers by Elbow.

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