And Just Like That viewers fume over scene showing 50-somethings eyeing up teenager

Several people criticised the scene in the latest episode of the Sex And The City sequel

Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley & Kristin Davis as Charlotte York in And Just Like That. (HBO/Sky)
Some fans were unhappy about a recent scene in And Just Like That. (HBO/Sky)

Sex And The City fans were unimpressed after a scene in sequel And Just Like That showed the character Charlotte seeming to eye up a schoolboy.

The show follows Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) as they navigate life in their 50s, and the latest episode was about a “MILF list” created by pupils at the school Charlotte’s children attend.

One scene showed a group of school mums gossiping about “Milo H”, the boy who created it, with Charlotte snapping: “I am not comfortable with this, I mean we're talking about a little boy here.”

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But when a classroom door opened and the boy emerged, they all stopped dead as he strutted by in slow motion.

Sarah Jessica Parker in And Just Like That S2. (HBO/Sky)
Sarah Jessica Parker in And Just Like That. (HBO/Sky)

One of the women suggested he was “hot” and another made a growling noise.

And Charlotte’s friend Lisa (Nicole Ari Parker) joked that she felt like Blanche DuBois, the A Streetcar Named Desire character who had a fling with a 17-year-old.

However, many viewers were unhappy about the scene.

“Um.... did they just oogle (sic) a teenage boy,” one person asked on Twitter.

“He’s a damn kid!” stormed another.

Cynthia Nixon in And Just Like That. (HBO/Sky)
Cynthia Nixon is back as Miranda in the sequel series. (HBO/Sky) (©2021 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC.)

Someone else posted that the show was a "hot mess", saying: "Imagine if it was the dads and a teen girl?"

"What was with that thirst scene over a teenager?" said another fan.

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“Why the f is there a scene in And Just Like That where they objectify a school kid for being hot because he potentially made a MILF list about them.... they have slow mo and music and ooofing about him, it's f****** weird,” tweeted another viewer.

Yahoo has contacted Warner Media for comment.

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