Kate Lawler on being a new mum

Big Brother champion turned radio regular Kate Lawler talks to Kate about her struggles with early motherhood, and the bestselling book it inspired, Maybe Baby.

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Video transcript

KATE LAWLER: So it was just a huge shock. Because I was confident that I would love every second of being a new mom. And that I would-- because I had a really good pregnancy, and I just felt really ready for it. But the reality was so far from what we see on social media. And also, I wasn't prepared for the seismic shift in our relationship, and what it would do to our relationship.

I never-- I thought it would change my life, me personally, but I didn't think about how much it would affect us as a couple. Even now I have friends giving me advice, saying that you're both going to say things that you don't mean, in those newborn. You're both going to be more tired than you've ever been before. Try to draw a line on whatever's happened at the end of each day, and start fresh the next day.

Because you just have to remember why you did this in the first place, right? And we always remind ourselves why we had Noa in the first place. Because we love each other. And we look at her now, and we're just like, how did we make this perfect person? She's incredible.

And she is enriching our lives in more ways than we've ever thought possible. But we went out for a curry the other night, because I pointed out that since Noa was born a year ago, we've only been out on our own, on a date, twice. It's not good enough. Like, twice is-- but it's finding the time to do that, Kate, especially when you start doing work.

KATE THORNTON: And if you've got the time, you go, I don't want to go out tonight. I just want to go and sit in the bath. I just want to read a book. I actually want to talk to you. You're annoying.

KATE LAWLER: And I can't be bothered--

KATE THORNTON: And you do get like that!

KATE LAWLER: To wake up and find something to wear. I want to go and sit in my pajamas and read. But yes, exactly that.


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