Katherine Ryan admits regret over penning intimate scene for Netflix sitcom

Katherine Ryan has spoken of her regret over writing herself into a sex scene in her Netflix series The Duchess.

The 37-year-old Canadian comedian and actress wrote and stars in the sitcom about a single mother navigating work and relationships in London.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, she admitted to finding the scene challenging to film.

She said: “I felt like you needed to believe in the intimacy of that relationship, so I wrote a sex scene. I just figured it would be fine.

“It’s so cringe and it takes so long and I’m unprofessional. I just found it difficult.

“I think it would have been easier to have full sex on camera – then I could really let loose and show my personality… But no, I won’t be writing any more sex scenes ever again.”

Ryan recently entered a civil partnership with her childhood sweetheart Bobby Kootstra, after rekindling their relationship following 20 years apart.

NME Awards 2020 – London
Katherine Ryan and Bobby Kootstra (David Parry/PA)

The comic, who has a young daughter from a previous relationship, said The Duchess was inspired by her own experiences as a single mother in London.

She said: “(My daughter) Violet was born here. I loved being a single mother. That’s the central relationship in the show.

“I’m really tired of rom coms where it’s, ‘If only I could get a man’. That’s never been my story.

“I fall in love with them accidentally every now and again. I don’t seek them out, I just want to hang out with my daughter.

“Those were the most cherished times in my life, when she was little and it was just the two of us. I loved our life so much.

“Now, she’s getting older and she doesn’t like me that much. That’s what I got a husband for.”

The Jonathan Ross Show is on Saturday at 10.15pm on ITV.

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