Katie Hopkins backtracks on promise to leave the UK

For many people it was a teeny-tiny silver lining on the big black cloud of Donald Trump’s election victory – but sorry folks, it ain’t happening.


A few months back, habitually offensive reality star Katie Hopkins had promised fans that the alluring prospect of The Donald taking up residence in the White House would be enough to persuade her to up sticks and move to the USA.

So Katie, what are you waiting for?

Well, apparently the one-time Apprentice contestant has decided to stay in the UK after all – because we NEED her so much here.

No Katie, really we don’t.


“I think people need me, you know,” the outspoken 41-year-old said during an appearance on news channel RT. “I’ve predicted the last general election when the pundits couldn’t, I predicted the referendum would be vote leave when no one else could call it.

"And now I’ve predicted that Trump would win - and people have started to email me asking if I can tell them the Lottery numbers for the next week coming. So I think people here in the UK still need me.”

Still, must make a change from the usual emails she receives, eh?


Anyway, some people aren’t having it. In fact, they’re so eager to see Katie leave the UK, they’ve even offered her free accommodation. Hotel booking site LateRooms trolled the star with the offer of a hotel room to use while she goes househunting.

The tweet read: “Hey @KTHopkins, still fancy moving to the states? Have your first night on us #BYEBYE (sic)”

Come on Katie, you know it makes sense.