Katie Price reveals her daughter Princess is embarrassed by her dressing like a 'teenager'

Chris Edwards
Katie Price’s daughter is embarrassed by the way she dresses (PA Images)

Katie Price has revealed that her daughter Princess has banned her from picking her up from school because she’s embarrassed by her mum dressing like a teenager.

Speaking about her new children’s clothing line to OK! Magazine, the former glamour model admitted that her daughter likes her designs – just not when her mum wears them.

“I always ask Princess if she likes them. But then she’s embarrassed by me!” said Price. 

“Because you wear clothes that teenagers wear. They’re not for your age,” hit back an embarrassed Princess. 

“She’s right. I can fit into aged 14 clothes, replied Price. “Sometimes I can go to kids’ shops and squeeze into teenage sizes. 

“She [Princess] hates it. She doesn’t even like me picking her up from school.” Princess then complained: “But mum you wear these short tops and pink slippers!”

Katie Price says she can fit into aged 14 clothes 

Price’s new clothing line, which is named after her children, has come under criticism for being overpriced.

According to The Mirror Online, the former glamour model is selling some of her products for almost three times the amount she paid for them.

Some customers have even noted that Price’s clothing range is available elsewhere on the internet, claiming they’ve found some of the same items for lower prices on Amazon and eBay.

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One person wrote on Twitter: “It’s even cheaper on Amazon or eBay…. the grey tracksuit Junior is wearing (the 1 with the stripe down) is only £12.99 on amazon, exactly the same product, she just replaces the labels.”

While another added: “You can get them from the same Chinese web site as she does! And for a fraction of what she’s charging people.”