Katie Price's son Harvey granted wish to make announcements on train

Katie Price and Harvey Price from BBC documentary What Harvey Did Next
Katie Price said son Harvey's dream had come true after he made the announcements on a train. (BBC)

Katie Price’s son Harvey has had his dream come true after making the announcements on board a train.

The 20-year-old rail enthusiast was travelling home from a hospital appointment in London on board the Gatwick Express when he was given the chance to tell passengers where the train would be stopping.

Price shared a video of Harvey on Instagram captioned: "Harvey’s dream came true today doing a announcement on the @gatwickexpress going home after his hospital appointment."

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Harvey is shown talking into the radio held up for him by the train guard saying: "Hello welcome aboard the Gatwick Express from London Victoria to Brighton via Gatwick Airport. My name is Harvey Price."

Price can be heard telling him what to say, adding: "And I'll be looking after you."

Harvey says: "Mummy looks after you."

Harvey - who has Prader-Willi syndrome, partial blindness and severe autism - revealed his trainspotting hobby in BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey & Me.

As a result Network Rail offered to let him work as a station announcement maker for a day.

Katie Price took Harvey trainspotting in their BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey & Me
Katie Price took Harvey trainspotting in their BBC documentary. (BBC)

Price told Community Living magazine: "On the back of it, the BBC have offered Harvey and his friend Zack an eight-part series on trains and automobiles.

"There will be some gorgeous trains like the Bluebell Railway.

"I am not interested in bloody trains. Me and Jeanette [Zack’s mother] will be sitting there having our tea and sandwiches saying, ‘What are we bloody doing here on a train station?’ But, as long as they are happy, that’s what matters.”

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The Bluebell Railway is a steam railway in Sussex, one or several preserved heritage lines around the country.

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