Katie Price's house 'catches fire' as blaze rips through 'son Jett's bedroom'

Katie Price has been hit by a new disaster, reports say. (REX)
Katie Price has been hit by a new disaster, reports say. (REX)

Katie Price can now add house fire to her long list of recent woes. The former model and businesswoman’s house reportedly caught fire last week.

A source told The Sun that last week her son Jett’s first floor bedroom mysteriously caught on fire but thankfully her stepfather Paul was on hand to quickly put it out.

“The fire started in Jett’s bedroom, which is on the first floor, and quickly spread throughout the room. Fortunately, Katie’s stepdad Paul was able to contain the blaze before it got out of control and they didn’t have to call the fire brigade,” the source revealed.

Her West Sussex mansion, which is valued at £2 million, was ridiculed on Through the Keyhole earlier this year for it’s messy and chaotic appearance and reports say Price is desperate to sell it in a bid to solve her finance issues.

“She’s trying to sell the house at the moment so it’s really bad news for Katie. It’s going to cost her a fortune to repair,” the source added.

This is just the latest of recent castrophres for Katie Price. In addition to her looming potential bankruptcy, she’s also been caught on camera rapping about taking cocaine, which reports say has resulted in Loose Women distancing themselves from the enigmatic star.

And tragically, her mother was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease this year.

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