Kelly Brook reveals how she lost more than a stone in just one month

Kelly Brook says she’s lost over a stone in just a few weeks.
Kelly Brook says she’s lost over a stone in just a few weeks.

Kelly Brook is showing off a slimmed down look on her Instagram account, and she claims it is all down to one major lifestyle change.

The 39-year-old model and actress announced on Thursday that she is now a UK ambassador for the US based diet meal replacement SlimFast.

In the paid partnership post Brook says the product has helped her ‘get back into the zone.’ And in an interview with The Sun she told the paper that she’s feeling more confident than ever thanks to the diet aid and has even dropped a stone in just two months.

Brook said she began drinking SlimFast in October, in a bid to feel more confident in clothes and feel healthier overall.

“I’m a curvy girl and I like my natural shape. It’s who I am after all. But, over the last few months I’ve started to feel less confident and uncomfortable in my clothes. I knew I was heavier than I wanted to be,” Brook said.

Brook became famous for her natural looks and figure, but her once size 8 figure has gone up to a size 16 this year. She confessed she’s used apps and filters on social media to make her appear slimmer.

“Modern technology and mobile phone filters mean that everyone can quickly alter how they look. I know I’ve tweaked photos on my phone when I don’t like what I see on screen,” she said.

She says she dropped an impressive 15 lbs in just a month’s time, and lost four inches from her waist. Adding that she’s thrilled to be back into her favourite skinny jeans and feels less restricted on what outfits to choose.

“Happiness is…getting back into a pair of skinny jeans. For quite some time now, when I opened my wardrobe in the morning, I’d consciously avoid looking at my skinny jeans and favourite fitted body con dresses.

“Now I take great pleasure in opening the wardrobe doors wide and choosing what to wear, knowing that it’s a case of wear what I fancy, rather than wear what will fit,” she said.

Brook will star in a SlimFast ad on television, which is set to air mid January.

In an interview with the same publication earlier this year she confessed that much of her weight gain was due to being in a loved up relationship with her Italian beau Jeremy Parisi who is a keen home chef and all-round foodie.

“Being with him I’ve definitely gained a few pounds, if not stones. And you know what? I love it. It’s not even comfort eating. There’s so much love in our relationship and love in our family.

“We all sit together and we all eat together and it’s very Italian and I think my figure is definitely reflecting that,” she said.

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