Kevin Bridges says he halted gig because he ‘hit a wall’

Comedian Kevin Bridges has apologised to fans for cutting a gig short – and has offered to refund anyone who bought a ticket.

The Scottish comedian is part-way through a UK tour and was performing at Brighton’s Dome on Wednesday night when illness and hecklers brought the night to a premature close.

He wrote on Twitter that he would refund the audience and said any remaining money would go to good causes.

He said: “My apologies to everyone who came to see me tonight at the Dome.

“I have been ill for a few days but I didn’t want to cancel the gigs as I felt the Adrenalin of performing could carry me through, as it usually does and did tonight for the majority of the show.

“People shouting nonsense throughout the gig is something I’m well used to after 15 years in stand up but tonight I hit a wall physically and maybe mentally and I’m truly sorry to everyone who I let down by finishing early.”

He signed off the message “apologies and onwards, Kevin”.