Kharkiv Aquarium's Dolphins Evacuated to Odesa

Dolphins and other marine animals in Ukraine were evacuated from a Kharkiv aquarium to Odesa due to the continued threat to their safety, local media reported on Wednesday, April 27.

Video posted by Ukrainian broadcaster Suspilne Odesa shows dolphins being fed by a pool. Odesa Dolphinarium welcomed the dolphins on Wednesday. “They have already passed the vet checkup, adapting to a new home and getting away from stress,” the post said.

According to local media, the animals were accompanied by professional trainers and veterinarians on the journey.

On Tuesday, the Kharkiv Dolphinarium said most of their animals, including dolphins and sea lions, were in “comfortable living conditions” in Odesa but that some animals remained “under threat” in Kharkiv, including a pair of “white whales.” Credit: Suspilne Odesa via Storyful

Video transcript


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