Exes Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson expecting 2nd child: A look back at their complicated relationship

Khloé Kardashian and her ex Tristan Thompson are expecting their second child together — and that's just one of many shocking twists and turns during their on-again, off-again relationship.

Yahoo Entertainment learned Wednesday that the exes, who share 4-year-old daughter True, have a baby on the way — any day now — via surrogate. The child was conceived one month prior to the NBA player's December cheating scandal, when it was revealed he had a child with another woman. However, Khloé and Tristan — who will become a father of four — are not back together and only communicate for parenting matters.

Here's how we got here, from latest to the very beginning...

2022: In January, a paternity test reveals that Tristan fathered Maralee Nichols's son Theo. He publicly apologizes to Khloé as it's revealed he slept with Nichols the night of his 30th birthday party — which then-on-girlfriend Khloé hosted. Khloé and Tristan break up. She admits on KUWTK that she had no idea about Tristan's latest cheating scandal until news broke and calls it "humiliating." In June, it's reported she's dating a private equity investor, leading fans to think she's finally moved on from Tristan (who still hasn't met third child Theo). However, on July 13 news breaks that Khloé and Thompson are expecting a second child together via surrogate. The child was conceived pre-paternity scandal in November. A source makes it clear to Yahoo that, while they are expecting a child together, they are no longer a couple. Their communication is limited to co-parenting matters. Her rep says, "Khloé is incredibly grateful to the extraordinary surrogate for such a beautiful blessing. We'd like to ask for kindness and privacy so that Khloé can focus on her family,"

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 10:  Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian pose for a photo as Remy Martin celebrates Tristan Thompson's Birthday at Beauty & Essex on March 10, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin )
Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian. (Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin )

2021: Together again after the Jordyn Woods cheating scandal, Khloé hosts a birthday bash for Tristan's 30th — and things seem peachy. In a February episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé tells Tristan she wants True to have a sibling. "We have to line it up with your schedule so I can make embryos with my frozen eggs," she says. In later episodes, she reveals she underwent IVF and they have embryos. However, she has an 80 percent chance of miscarrying, so she is using a surrogate. When one surrogate doesn't work out she admits the process has been "challenging." Despite their family-expanding plans, cheating rumors involving Tristan persist. They briefly break up between June and October. The baby plans ramp up again as soon as they reconcile with Khloé tweeting in October, "I want [True] to have a sibling. If it’s Gods plan." They apparently find a new surrogate and she becomes pregnant in November. Just one month later, Tristan faces a new scandal in December when Nichols sues the NBA player for child support claiming he fathered her child.

2020: Amid non-stop reconciliation rumors, the pair continues to co-parent True while not romantically involved. However, Lockdown brings them closer as they quarantine together and by summer there are reports of reconciliation. Again. This time it's true — they are back together.

2019: Another year, another cheating scandal. It's reported Tristan has cheated with Kylie Jenner's (now former) best friend Jordyn Woods. He denies it, but Woods confirms a kiss on Red Table Talk. Khloé publicly blames her family friend Woods for breaking up her family. Tristan ultimately confirmed the kiss and asks for Khloé forgiveness. She lets him attend True's birthday, but she keeps him at arms length. It's later revealed on KUWTK, that he gives her a diamond promise ring for her 35th birthday, but maintains that "nothing romantic" is going on between them. He attends the annual Kardashian holiday party.

2018: As they expect their first child, Khloé gushes about her beau. "I knew Tristan was the one very quickly — I have never felt so comfortable or so safe with someone,” she wrote in her blog in February. “Because of that, I took it very slowly and was cautious about how I went about 'us.'" In March, she announces they are expecting a girl. In April, as Khloé awaits for her due date, Tristan is photographed with a woman at a NYC bar — and later entering his hotel at 5 a.m. Khloé gives birth amid the cheating scandal, and Tristan is present. Khloé decides to stay with Tristan and they spend the summer bonding as a family in L.A. and rebuilding their relationship. He moves back to Cleveland in the fall when his basketball season starts, but Khloé remains in L.A. The cheating scandal airs on KUWTK and she explains why she let him in the delivery room, saying, "I wanted to have a beautiful birthing experience for myself and for the memories of what I choose to share with True when she’s older. I want her to have videos and pictures of her daddy there, holding her etc. ... I chose to put my feelings aside for the birth and to try and have as much positive energy that I could." They spend Thanksgiving together as a family — and Khloé and Thompson ring in 2019 together.

2017: Khloé publicly declares her love for Tristan, telling James Corden, "I am [in love]. I'm very happy. It's going good. We use the L word!" In an interview with ES magazine, she said, "Yes, I would" accept a marriage proposal, but added that she wasn't putting "pressure" on it. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé says they "talk about starting a family. He wants to have about five or six kids with me and that’s lovely. We could start at one and we could grow from there." In September, there are rumors that she is pregnant, and they confirm the news — with a photo shoot — in December.

2016: Khloé, who dated around after her first marriage to Lamar Odom combusted, meets the Cleveland Cavaliers player through mutual friends and things get serious quickly. They step out publicly for the first time in September 2016 and go Instagram official in October. Thompson’s ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig is pregnant with his child at the time and she gives birth to son Prince three months later.