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    "I literally don't look like this". OH YES YOU DO!!!!!!
  • N
    No Yeti
    I literally love when people use the word literally!
  • W
    What you are seeing must be confusing to you...see..these are the UNEDITED TRUE PHOTOS THAT SHOW THE REAL YOU....not the airbrushed nonsense that you like to pretend is real. You are #$%$, trash, and most definitely a cellulite covered cow.
  • J
    Kim actually contorts herself into crazy angles whenever she is posing for a picture so she can lead everyone to believe she looks a certain way. But the candid unposed shots really don't tell many lies.
  • D
    Awww poor baby you didn't get to photoshop your actual body away. Your are the reason girls grow up and feel they need to be plastic like you. You're not beautiful you're plastic...anyone with that much money can look like you...but even if I wanted to waste money on my physical appearance I'd never want to look so fake.
  • G
    Kim K. is photo-shopped, even when she is walking around. Surgeries, Butt-lifts, implants, etc... can't always fool the camera. Short little chunky troll is hard to hide.
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    Sweetie, you're doing GREAT! [*insert major eye roll here*]
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    Oh honey you are NEVER attractive any time any place, get over yourself.
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    Yes you do. Wow! Reality check for the sasquatch
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    The paparazzi even followed her into the bathroom, and yes she really does look like this.