King Charles to make big change at this year’s Trooping the Colour due to poor health

-Credit: (Image: AFP via Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

King Charles is set to make a very significant change to this year's Trooping the Colour parade which is due to unfold on June 15.

As royal enthusiasts gear up for another display featuring the famous Red Arrows in celebration of the monarch's official birthday, a notable change to protocol is set to take place.

Annually, throngs of royal loyalists line the streets of London as the capital comes alive with the dazzling spectacle involving 1,400 marching soldiers, 200 horses and a resounding ensemble of 400 musicians.

This year's was shrouded in uncertainty following the revelation of the King's ongoing battle with cancer earlier in February, but it appears its business as usual as preparations are underway for next month's festivities in London.

However, it's understood there will be a small but noticeable adjustment to proceedings, the Mirror reports.

The King made history last year as he was the first monarch to ride horseback at Trooping the Colour in three decades -Credit: DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images
The King made history last year as he was the first monarch to ride horseback at Trooping the Colour in three decades -Credit: DANIEL LEAL/AFP via Getty Images

Diverting from the norm, King Charles is likely to appear in a carriage rather than on horseback, according to the Times.

Currently undergoing treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer, the monarch was recently granted permission by his medical team to resume public duties, albeit at a slightly reduced scale.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that future engagements involving the King "will be adapted where necessary" to accommodate his path to recovery.

One insider revealed to the publication: "The King is most likely to be taking part in Trooping via carriage this year but a final decision is yet to be made."

Last year, Charles made history by becoming the first monarch in over three decades to participate in Trooping the Colour on horseback.

This week, he made a grand return to a major investiture at Windsor Castle, marking the latest in a series of public duties undertaken by the King in recent days.

The official flypast, featuring the Red Arrows, will soar over Buckingham Palace following Trooping the Colour.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, including a Lancaster bomber and typically accompanied by 12 other aircraft - Spitfires, Hurricanes, a Dakota and a couple of DHC-1 Chipmunks - will also be part of the spectacle.

While more aircrafts are yet to be confirmed, they're sure to join the line-up. Airspace restrictions will be in place as the planes journey towards Buckingham Palace.

The route, scheduled for 12.40pm, crosses several counties before entering London. It begins with the aircraft gathering over the water just off the Suffolk coast around 11am.

From there, they'll move inland, passing through Suffolk and across Ipswich before entering Essex around 12.35pm. The route continues over Colchester, then down past Chelmsford.

The aircraft will enter London from the North East, typically flying over Hainault before making their way into the capital's centre via Stratford.

The earliest expected time for the event is 12.40pm, with the Buckingham Palace flyover slated for 1pm. Following their appearance over the palace, the aircraft will depart the city via the North West.

The exact route over London remains uncertain, potentially offering more residents a chance to spot the planes overhead.

Despite the monarch's actual birthday falling on November 14, Trooping the Colour is an annual event held in honour of the monarch's official birthday.

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