Kingston WW2 bomb: Student prompts laughs after explosion failed to cure bad hiccups

Megan White
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Kingston WW2 bomb: Student prompts laughs after explosion failed to cure bad hiccups

A student prompted laughs on Twitter after a huge explosion failed to stop her hiccups.

Georgia Kirkland was waiting for a WW2 bomb found in Kingston to be detonated but had a bad case of hiccups.

And despite loud noises allegedly stopping the involuntary contractions, the massive bang did nothing to quell Ms Kirkland's bad case.

In a video she filmed of the explosion, Ms Kirkland is heard repeatedly hiccuping before the explosion, which is quickly followed by more hiccups.

Over 1,500 residents were evacuated after the bomb was found on Thursday (Richard Parry)

The bomb, which was found on Thursday at 9am, was finally detonated around 4pm on Friday.

The 21-year-old student said: "We were told yesterday that they had found an old WW2 bomb by the university campus and a lot of my friends had to evacuate their homes.

"They said we would too but it turned out we were in the safe zone, so our friends stayed with us.

"When I filmed the video, I'd had the hiccups for about ten minutes, but I've always been told that loud noises get rid of them.

"It was a loud bang that we'd been waiting for all day - they told us that the bomb was around 1-2,000lbs."

Cordons around Kingston after a World War 2 Bomb was discovered (NIGEL HOWARD)

Thousands of residents were evacuated after the unexploded device was discovered in Fassett Road.

Kingston University and local schools were also evacuated while Scotland Yard called in experts from the Ministry of Defence.

Many residents are yet to return home as safety checks are carried out around the site of the old Hotel Antoinette.

Police said the operation had "ended safely" and that "limited damage has been discovered with a 50 metre radius of the detonation."

South West BCU Commander, Chief Superintendent Sally Benatar, said: “I would like to thank all local residents and businesses owners who have been displaced by this inconvenience.

"The response from the local community and Kingston Council has been so understanding and we are grateful for your cooperation."