KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda LIVE! Boxing fight stream, TV channel, latest updates and undercard results

KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda LIVE! Boxing fight stream, TV channel, latest updates and undercard results

KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda LIVE!

KSI made influencer boxing history on Saturday night inside London’s O2 Arena.

The internet celebrity first beat rapper Swarmz early in the second round of his first fight with a routine KO, before returning to the ring to overcome Luis Alcaraz Pineda with perhaps even more ease.

Despite the Mexican having won two professional bouts, Pineda looked even more out of his depth than Swarmz, who at least showed some heart despite only lacing up a pair of gloves two weeks ago.

Frustratingly, the two worst opponents of the night were fed to KSI. Further down the card, Deji and Fousey put on a fantastic show, while King Kenny’s bout with FaZe Sensei came to a controversial end after a war on the inside.

Boxing schedule and results

KSI bt Luis Alcaraz Pineda via KO

Slim Albaher bt Faze Temperr via KO

Deji bt Fousey via RTD

King Kenny bt FaZe Sensei via decision

Salt Papi bt Andy Warski via KO

Sam Hyde bt IAMTHMPSN via TKO

Deen The Great bt Evil Hero via KO

KSI bt Swarmz via KO

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KSI vs Swarmz and Pineda latest news

  • KSI beats Pineda via KO

  • KSI’s brother Deji gets first win of his career

  • KSI beats Swarmz via KO

  • Venue: O2 Arena, London

  • How to watch: DAZN pay per view

  • Standard Sport’s fight predictions

KSI proud of big night in the ring

09:24 , Marc Mayo

Respect from a pro

06:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI reacts to Deji’s win

06:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

Brotherly love...

KSI full of energy after double KO victory

05:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Jake Paul has next fight lined up

05:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

It’s not going to be KSI, but fascinating to see who Jake Paul fights next...

Tommy Fury reacts

23:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI sends message to Fury and Paul after double KO victory

23:08 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI marked his return to the boxing ring with a double KO victory over Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

The internet celebrity had not fought since outpointing Logan Paul over a thousand days ago and marked his comeback with two routine wins inside London’s O2 Arena.

Rapper Swarmz was the first to fall, doing so in the second round after an evasive first. While many will point to the uncompetitive nature of the bout, the 25-year-old’s corner were keen to stress Swarmz had only two weeks to prepare for the fight, having never laced up a pair of gloves before.

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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

23:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Jake Paul reacts

23:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

22:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI vs Luis Pineda

22:50 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: IT’S DONE!

KSI wins with absolute ease after another knockdown in the third.

KSI vs Luis Pineda

22:48 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Somehow, we’re heading for round 3.

Pineda threw at least one jab, which is an improvement.

KSI vs Luis Pineda

22:46 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Pretty embarassing stuff from the “professional fighter”. Even KSI looks bored.

KSI vs Luis Pineda

22:44 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Spiteful body punches in the earlier round have been taking their toll on the Mexican.

KSI vs Luis Pineda

22:43 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Very strong from KSI but we will get a second round.

KSI vs Luis Pineda

22:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Big statement of intent in Round 1 as KSI knocs Pineda down!

Shot hit the back of hi shead, however, so it doesn’t count. Well, until KSI does so again.

22:39 , Jonathan Gorrie

22:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI vs Luis Alcaraz Pineda

22:33 , Jonathan Gorrie

The ring walks are underway.

Here we go!

22:28 , Jonathan Gorrie

Logan Paul on potential KSI vs Jake Paul fight

22:22 , Jonathan Gorrie

“It has to happen.”

Chris Eubank Jr to DAZN

22:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

“There hasn’t been one disappointing fight.”

22:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

22:09 , Jonathan Gorrie

Faze Temperr vs Slim Albaher

22:06 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: A HUGE right hand from Slim, a shot he’s become famous for has Temperr on the canvas!

It’s over, Albaher wins via KO!

Faze Temperr vs Slim Albaher

22:03 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: An absolute brawl on the inside, short on technique but full of heart.

22:03 , Jonathan Gorrie

Faze Temperr vs Slim Albaher

22:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Sim Albaher throwing hands early on, hitting Temperr with a straighr right.

Faze Temperrr vs Slim Albaher

22:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Here we go!

Faze Tempter vs Slim Albaher

21:56 , Jonathan Gorrie

Some interesting ring walks ahead, with Slim Albaher up first.

21:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

21:45 , Jonathan Gorrie

21:42 , Jonathan Gorrie

Deji vs Fousey

21:38 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round : Deji gets the first win of his career!

Fousey’s corner throw the towel in after he was completely dominated.

Deji vs Fousey

21:37 , Jonathan Gorrie


A big right hand floors Fousey.

Deji vs Fousey

21:32 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: The crowd are going crazy for the Brit, who easily won that round with some decent boxing from range.

Deji vs Fousey

21:32 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: HUGE right hands from Deji!

21:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Deji vs Fousey

21:29 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Here we go!

21:29 , Jonathan Gorrie

Deji vs Fousey

21:28 , Jonathan Gorrie

Deji coming down now, desperate for that first win.

Deji vs Fousey

21:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

Fousey makes his ring walk looking in impressive shape.

21:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

21:16 , Jonathan Gorrie


Kenny somehow gets the decision! The DAZN crew are absolutely shocked.

Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

21:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 4: Kenny ends it in a war!

Scrapping after the bell, it just wasn’t enough with Sensei almost certain to get the decision...

Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

21:09 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: So brave from Kenny but he’s come up against quite the fighter in Sensei.

Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

21:08 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: Kenny hurt! He manages to hold onto the ropes after a big right hand, and this time there is no count.

Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

21:04 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Very little difference here but Kenny needs to pull something out of the bag in the third round if he’s going to take anything from the judges.

Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

21:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Good work from Kenny to recover, with this fight the highest-quality so far.

Up next: Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

21:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: A standing count already! Kenny gets the chance to recover, with Sensei scoring an early knockdown.

Kenny recovers well but perhaps the ref was a touch too quick there.

Up next: Faze Sensei vs King Kenny

20:53 , Jonathan Gorrie

4 rounds ahead this time!

20:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

Salt Papi vs Andy Warski

20:42 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: IT’S DONE.

The most explovise knockout of the night so far! Salt Papi blasts Warski with a quick-combination.

20:37 , Jonathan Gorrie

Up next: Salt Papi vs Andy Warski

20:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

We’re up to the halfway point with this fight, with every fight so far ending in a KO.

Chris Eubank Jr is not much of a fan of the last fight...

20:33 , Jonathan Gorrie


20:28 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: BOOM!

Sam Hyde pulls it back! Trailing on points, Hyde came on strong in the third round to beat IAMTHMPSN via TKO.


20:28 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: The second round has passed without incident.


20:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: An absolute slug fest.


20:24 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Picking up a bit! IAMTHMPSN hitting some big right hands but Sam Hyde is saved by the bell.


20:21 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Two absolutely huge men swinging, leading to a fairly slow fight...

Next up: Sam Hyde vs IAMTHMPSN

20:17 , Jonathan Gorrie

A heavyweight clash for us all to enjoy!

20:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

Chris Eubank Jr to DAZN

20:12 , Jonathan Gorrie

“As far as YouTube influencer goes, that’s probably the best you’re going to see.”

Deen The Great vs Evil Hero is next

20:05 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Deen The Great turns it around!

Twice in the last few seconds, he downs Evil Hero.

The third time, Evil Hero does not recover.

Deen The Great vs Evil Hero is next

20:04 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Decent scrap here!

Evil Hero hitting some nice early jabs.

Deen The Great vs Evil Hero is next

20:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

We’re moving quickly! Deen The Great vs Evil Hero up next.

19:56 , Jonathan Gorrie

Chris Eubank Jr to DAZN

19:56 , Jonathan Gorrie

“I’m a little bit disappointed with the stoppage, I feel like he [Swarmz] could have got up. This is the fight game, a lot of people have paid good money to come here.”

Swarmz vows to comeback

19:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

Swarmz, happy with his first performance, has vowed to enter the world of boxing again.

KSI vs Swarmz

19:51 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: KSI gets his KO!

Swarmz wants no more as he hits the canvas. The towel has been thrown in. A brave first round from Swarmz but less than a minute into the second, he’s had enough.

KSI vs Swarmz

19:49 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Swarms isn’t landing much but KSI cannot pin him down. For someone who’s never fought before, lasting the first round has to be a success.

KSI vs Swarmz

19:48 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: KSI knocks Swarmz down!

The taunting got too much...

KSI vs Swarmz

19:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: After that early success, KSI is struggling to land

KSI vs Swamrz

19:46 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Swarmz rocked already after two early jabs

KSI vs Swarmz

19:45 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: A talking down from the ref and HERE. WE. GO.

19:43 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI vs Swarmz

19:43 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Here we go!

Here comes KSI

19:38 , Jonathan Gorrie

A HUGE reception as KSI returns to the boxing ring for the first time in 3 years.

19:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

Swaemz is on his way!

19:35 , Jonathan Gorrie

Swarmz walks out to a chorus of boos.

Quite the first entry into the boxing world...

Anthems up!

19:33 , Jonathan Gorrie

God Save the Queen belted out, which positively no one saw coming.

The fighters will make their walk soon.

Closing in

19:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Both fighters are gloved up, we’re ready to get underway after a slight delay...

KSI from the dressing room

19:25 , Jonathan Gorrie

“I’m feeling good, it feels good to be back after three years. Three years of having to watch everyone trying to outshine me.

“I’m back and I want some KOs, some sacrificial lambs.

“I put too much work.. legacy, I’m about to show you what my legacy is all about.

“It’s been three years, I want to take it all in. I’m smiling and enjoying it.”

Swarmz’s message

19:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

“I can’t wait to be in the ring man, I’ve been waiting for this day so let’s go.

“I’m fighting for everyone, my family, my friends... this is my first time boxing, they gave me 20 days to lose 12kg, you’re going to see miracle.

“I’ve done a lot of things but boxing is the hardest sport I’ve ever done.”

Chris Eubank Jr in attendance

19:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

A reminder

19:09 , Jonathan Gorrie

Three rounds each for KSI’s fights tonight, though he’s aiming to get them both finished even earlier...

Not long to go!

19:08 , Jonathan Gorrie

Slight delay due to crowds outside the 02...

10 minutes to go!

19:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

We’re almost ready for KSI’s first fight of the night...

Less than 20 minutes to go!

18:53 , Jonathan Gorrie

It’s warming up inside the 02!

KSI is set to open the card in less than 20 minutes.

Shots fired at Jake Paul

18:44 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI wants Tommy Fury fight

18:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

“I’m definitely down to fight Tommy Fury, one hundred percent. I don’t want to say too much, but for me that could make sense for my next fight after the 27th. There’s obviously other names, but Tommy Fury is one of the names,” he said of Fury.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

A look inside the O2

18:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

Swarmz arrives

18:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Jake Paul’s message

17:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

Fighting talk

17:46 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI already looking to his third fight

17:39 , Jonathan Gorrie

Weigh-in results

17:33 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI looked in terrific condition as he tipped the scales at 180lbs on Friday at a lively weigh-in marked by another run-in with old foe Weller.

The slim Pineda came in at 179lbs, while Swarmz - who took the fight on two weeks’ notice - was almost 20 pounds heavier than his opponent at 199lbs and only just inside the cruiserweight limit.

Latest odds

17:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

KSI: 2/7

Draw: 7/1

Luis Alcaraz Pineda: 7/2

Odds from SBK

KSI arrives at the 02

17:28 , Jonathan Gorrie

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