Kylie Jenner's pregnancy confirmed by eagle-eyed fans online

(Credit: PA)
(Credit: PA)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans don’t miss a thing.

When the latest (that’s the 14th) season of episode details were put onto the reality show’s Wikipedia, some eagle-eyed fans instantly spotted the evidence that Kylie Jenner, 20, was in fact pregnant and that she *spoiler alert* was carrying a girl.

The episode title guide listed ‘We’re expecting’ and ‘It’s a girl!’ as episodes 2014 and 2015 overall and the 19th and 20th in the newest series.

The first description says how Travis and Kylie have some ‘news of their own,’ followed by ‘Kylie is pregnant!’

The other explicitly says that the Jenner sister was pregnant and its title confirms the sex of the child. ‘Kylie and Travis Scott begin the quest to determine what kitten to get and start decorating the nursery for the baby!’

(Credit: Wikipedia)
(Credit: Wikipedia)

But the two episode specs have since been deleted, leaving people to speculate whether it was a mistake to announce the family’s secret or if it was a red herring to gain some publicity.

The episodes were listed as airing in February and there’s been no comment on the matter, other than fans now going wild having uncovered and exposed the ‘is she or isn’t she’ pregnancy saga.

No one has confirmed anything in the Kardashian-Jenner camp, with fans asking the question whether she’s expecting since last year. However, Caitlyn Jenner did inadvertently reveal the news in an unofficial capacity.

(Credit: PA)
(Credit: PA)

Kylie’s kept a relatively low profile over the past few months and won’t reveal whether she is actually carrying a baby or not. It’s lead to suggestion it’s to hide the baby bump, has worn baggy clothes and, according to some conspiracy theorists, has either strategically hidden her apparent bump or been left out of family photos to avoid giving the game away.

Some concluded that she was sister Kim, 37, and Kanye West’s, 40, surrogate for their newly-arrived third child.

One far-fetched theory suggested the Jenner sister had been Photoshopped into a picture with an image of her from last year, in the wake of Kylie herself speaking out about how the paparazzi had edited the shots themselves.

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