Lazy dog refuses to move when owner makes bed

Staff writer

Rescued greyhound Libby loves to snooze on her owner's bed - and will not move even while it is being made.

The pooch was taken in by Saz and Rick Back in May after spending her whole life in "horrendous" conditions at a notorious greyhound stadium in the Chinese region of Macau.

She has swapped her tiny concrete cell, where she slept on the floor without a blanket, for a forever home in Wellington, Somerset.

And she's had no trouble adjusting to her new surroundings, spending most of the day sprawled across the bed of her new owners.

Libby loves a snooze so much that Saz, 49, and Rick, 57, frequently have to make the bed around her, lifting her out the way to get the duvet in place.

Saz said: "People have this massive misconception of greyhounds that they need a lot of exercise. But really, they're 45-mile-an-hour couch potatoes.

"They do really sprint, but they only do that for a burst of about 40 seconds. They need a 20-minute walk, twice a day. Then they take about 18 hours to recover."

Libby was rescued by the Forever Hounds Trust on February 14 - her fifth birthday - from the notorious Macau Canidrome racing stadium.

"Dogs are born and die in that stadium. Once a dog stops winning races, it gets killed," Saz said.

The Forever Hounds Trust has done a "phenomenal" job of rescuing and rehoming Libby and other dogs from the Macau Canidrome, she added.

"If seeing this video helps to get even one dog homed, then we'd be massively grateful."