Leave voters think Brexit isn't turning out as well as they hoped, poll finds

Nick Reilly
Leave voters think Brexit isn’t as good as they hoped it would be, a new poll has found (Getty Images)

The majority of Leave voters are disappointed with how Brexit is going, a new poll has found.

Most of the respondents who opted to quit the bloc in the 2016 referendum felt that all the Brexit deals currently on the table are worse than what they had hoped for from the negotiations.

The survey, undertaken by think tank Global Future, found that pro and anti Brexit voters agreed that leaving the EU looks likely to come at ‘too high a price’.

It also showed both leavers and remainers were most keen on a ‘soft Brexit’ Norway-style deal where the UK remains in both the European Economic Area and European Free Trade Area.

The UK voted to leave in 2016


The survey participants were offered four different Brexit deal options, along with the projected reduction in public funding that would result from each scenario, based on the Government’s own Brexit impact analysis.

These were:

EEA model: Reduction of £260m per week (equivalent to about 9% of what we currently spend on the NHS).

• FTA model: Reduction of £875m per week (equivalent to about 31% of what we currently spend on the NHS).

• WTO model: Reduction of £1.25bn per week (equivalent to about 44% of what we currently spend on the NHS).

• Government preferred bespoke model: Reduction of £615 million per week (equivalent to about 22% of what we currently spend on the NHS).

They were then asked to say how they felt about each scenario, and whether they considered to costs to be ‘too high a price’ for Brexit.


The vast majority of Leave voters think that Brexit isn’t turning out as well as they hoped. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

The public at large agreed that all the options came at too high a price by significant majorities.

Leave voters overwhelmingly said that all of the options represented a worse deal than they had hoped for: 86% said an EEA model was worse than hoped, and an FTA deal polled the same numbers.

A WTO scenario, which is what would happen if Britain leaves the bloc without a deal, was worse than hoped for to 85% of Leave voters.

Theresa May’s bespoke deal fared slightly better – it was seen as worse than hoped for by 75% of Brexiters.

When asked to choose a favourite option, Theresa May’s ‘bespoke’ deal was seen as the best option by 28% of voters. 51% preferred a Norway-style deal, 9% an FTA deal and 12% a WTO deal.

Brexit sentiment could turn by 2021… (REX)

The poll, which sampled 1,000 people, comes only weeks after a study claimed that an anti-EU sentiment will die down by 2020.

Last month, a new report released to mark the first anniversary of Article 50 being triggered claimed that Britain will be anti-Brexit by 2021.