Liam Gallagher told to 'drop dead' by Noel's wife after comments about daughter


There’s never a dull moment in the Gallagher family, especially when Liam gets going.

When the Oasis frontman had plenty to say in a recent interview, he perhaps went a little too far when talking about his family members.

Having made the outlandish claim that German police pulled his teeth out during an infamous 2002 bar brawl, his comments about brother Noel, 50, and his family didn’t go unnoticed, either.

After Liam, 45, had recounted the nightclub melee that could’ve seen him serve up to two years in prison, he talked his family – well, specifically Noel’s wife and daughter.

Mentioning Anais, 18, Liam didn’t hold back when it came to discussing any abuse she’d received online.


‘I don’t give a f**k if his missus gets a bit of s**t on Twitter, or his f*****g kid – welcome to my f*****g world. ‘I was getting s**t when you threw me under the bus and split the band up. My kids get s**t, too. Get off Twitter if you can’t f*****g handle it.’

Unfortunately for him, Noel’s missus, Sara MacDonald, 46, saw the comments on a fan Instagram post and, according to the Sun, responded to the unsavoury comments about her step-daughter.

”His f*****g kid’? You mean your gorgeous niece, you deplorable w***er,’ she raged. Then ended the rant with a stinging request: ‘Please god (you) have dropped dead by the time my kids are on social media.’


Regardless of the unfiltered and somewhat unsympathetic comments, Liam himself has a couple of kids here and there, including Lennon, 18, with ex Patsy Kensit and Gene, 6, to former All Saints singer Nicole Appleton. He’s also fathered a daughter with Lisa Moorish, Molly who is now 20, who he has never met. He also has another child Gemma, 4, after an affair with Liza Ghorbani who he’s yet to have made contact with.

‘I’ve just never got around to meeting her,’ he told the Mirror. ‘I’ve heard she’s all right, though. She’s doing all right.

‘Not met the one in New York, either. But I wish them well. If they ever need anything, give us a shout.’

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