Like a duck to walking: Bird who lost leg in fight with chicken is back on his feet - with 3D-printed prosthetic

Dudley the duck walking with his new 3D printed prosthetic leg (Rex) (Rex Features)

A duck who lost his leg in a fight with a chicken has taken his first steps - with a new 3D printed prosthetic limb.

Born last year, Dudley the duck and his brother were placed in an enclosure with chickens at K9-1-1 Animal and Rescue Services in Sicamous, British Columbia.

However, after an aggressive chicken attacked the pair, Dudley's leg was left badly damaged to the point it had to be amputated.

But thanks to advanced 3D printing technology, the duck has a new lease of life - as well as a new leg.

Terence Loring, a mechanical engineer and architect, decided to help Dudley after hearing about him from his martial arts instructor.

He said: 'My coach knew that my start-up company was going to specialise in 3D printing so he asked me to try to build a leg for this little injured duck.

'Cute animals and innovative technology...How could I say no to that request?'

The project was dubbed 'Project Robo-Duck' and 3D printing company Proto3000 offered to print it free of charge.

The prosthetic foot has been mirrored off of Dudley's good foot to ensure similar sizing, and is produced from soft, flexible plastic to allow lift-off of the foot.

Terence, 32, said: 'When Dudley put it on, he just started walking. Though he is still getting used to moving on the new leg, he's getting around better and his health is improving.'