Linda Robson flashes bra on Loose Women to celebrate her body at 65

The Birds of a Feather actor declared her body to be "amazing" before showing it off to the live studio audience.

Watch: Linda Robson flashes her bra on Loose Women

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Linda Robson flashed her bra live on Loose Women in an empowering celebration of her body at 65.

The Birds of a Feather actor joined fellow Loose Women Ruth Langsford, 63 Denise Welsh, 65 and Kaye Adams, 61, to host the ITV lunchtime show in a special episode celebrating their age, as the panel are all over 60. Robson, 65, declared her body to be "amazing" and told the audience how confident in her outfit she was feeling, before spontaneously showing them a bit more then they expected.

What, how, and why?

Linda Robson flashes bra on Loose Women
Linda Robson flashed her bra on Loose Women. (ITV)

The Loose Women panel were discussing age stereotypes, and whether they agreed with the statement that women over 65 can start to feel "invisible". Robson insisted she had felt increasingly empowered since turning 60 and had vowed to be braver and say "yes" more often — even jumping out of an aeroplane.

Linda Robson has been a regular member of the Loose Women panel since 2012. (ITV)
Linda Robson dared to bare her bra live on This Morning. (ITV)

Asked by Welch if she loves her body Robson said: "I don't love it but I think it's amazing. It's given me three beautiful children. And I'm still quite healthy at 65. Not too bad. And I'm looking quite trendy at the moment aren't I? I might show you what I've got on."

Robson stood up and walked out from behind the presenting desk to show the audience her outfit of white trainers, wide-leg trousers, white T-shirt emblazoned with the words "This is 65" and a navy blue blazer. She told the live studio audience: "I've got a new white bra. D'you wanna have a look?"

Linda Robson flashes bra on Loose Women
Linda Robson flashed her bra on Loose Women while talking about body confidence. (ITV)

She then quickly lifted her T-shirt and flashed he bra, laughing, to applause and cheers. Robson added: "And I've got me trainers as well. Kids bought me these for Christmas."

What else happened on Loose Women?

LOOSE WOMEN panel Kaye Adams, Kelle Bryan, Stacey Solomon, Linda Robson
Kaye Adams claimed Linda Robson had shown her more than she wanted to see back in 2021. (UTV)

This is not the first time Robson has bared flesh on the ITV panel show. In 2021 she accidentally flashed the show, revealing she was not wearing any underwear.

The panel were discussing sustainable outfits back in 2021 when Robson lifted her leg to show co-host Adams her footwear. She was wearing a loose purple dress at the time.

The actor said: "I have got trainers on – look". She then lifted her leg up on her stool, level with her waist. Adams exclaimed: "I just got a view that I never want to see again."

An embarrassed Robson laughed: "I have gone commando today".

Loose Women airs on ITV at 12.30pm on weekdays.

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