Lisa Armstrong's 'angry' response to Ant's baby news is 'huge hint' at true feelings

Lisa Armstrong has shared updates with fans on social media this week
Lisa Armstrong has shared updates with fans on social media -Credit:Instagram

Lisa Armstrong took to social media following the news her ex-husband Ant McPartlin has become a dad for the first time with his new wife, Anne-Marie Corbett.

The couple sweetly announced the arrival of their baby boy in an Instagram post, after keeping much of the pregnancy under wraps. Ant and Anne-Marie, who tied the knot in 2021, were soon flooded with messages from famous pals to share their congratulations.

Announcing their sons arrival they captioned the post to their Instagram followers: "Welcome to the family. Wilder Patrick Mcpartlin. Born, 14/05/24 at 8.54am Baby is beautiful, Mummy’s a legend, Sisters are over the moon. Dad’s a mess."

Lisa, who was married to Ant for 11 years, shared a cryptic quote following the news on her own Instagram, as she hinted at going through 'silent battles'. A week later, she posted another apparent dig, as she shared a quote about 'lies.'

Social behaviour and relationships expert Judi James told the Mirror Lisa is 'torn between' staying silent and expressing her true emotions. The 47-year-old posted the quote on her story last Tuesday that read: "Be proud of how you have been handling these past few months. The silent battles you've fought, the moments you've had to humble yourself, the times you've wiped your own tears. Celebrate your strength."

Quote post shared by Lisa Armstrong recently.
Lisa posted a couple of cryptic quotes on social media following the news -Credit:Lisa Armstrong/Instagram

On Tuesday this week, she subsequently posted a video, uploaded originally by another account, that included a quote attributed to the late Winston Churchill. It read: "I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behaviour never lies."

Commenting on the significance of the posts, Judi explained: "Lisa's posts sound cryptic, a very tiny wave to the fans to hint at her feelings. Her first 'big hint' came following the birth and it reads like a motivational pep talk someone had sent her.

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"Her hint is presumably that it was accurate about the 'humbling yourself' and 'wiping your own tears'. Without writing a personal description of her feelings and emotions, this post seems to suggest that is what Lisa has been going through."

She continued: "Her second post sounds more ominous. Again it is non-specific and could be about anyone in her life. The line 'behaviour never lies' sounds reproachful and even angry, a warning for life or about someone in particular."

Judi noted Lisa has become known as 'Ant's ex', so fans will immediately assume the post is about him. She added: "Dropping hints or being cryptic is one of the least effective forms of communication. When someone is feeling genuinely strong the phrase 'Say it or let it drop' applies. Hint-dropping makes it sound as though Lisa is torn between the two assertive options and has fallen into the middle ground between them."

Judi continued: "We can all guess how much she must be hurting so her 'smile and wave' approach of being 'happy' for Ant and his new family is probably the wisest option, with no need for cryptic messages."

It comes after a source told OK! magazine last month Lisa has done "a lot of healing over the past few years" and now wants "everyone to be happy". The source said: "Lisa knows Ant is ready to move on with the next chapter of his life - she doesn't want to be angry anymore. [...] Lisa loved him so much and now she just wants everyone to be happy, Ant included."

The announcement of Wilder's birth came just a day after Lisa marked the fifth anniversary of her late father Derek Armstrong's death last Monday.

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