A Little to the Left... Adorable Goats Scratch an Itch at Frankfurt Zoo

Itchy goats enjoyed a thorough back (and in some cases butt) scratch courtesy of a rotating brush built into the wall of their habitat at Frankfurt Zoo in Germany.

Footage shot by Alexandros Kotzias on June 10 shows some of the zoo’s resident goats blissfully standing beneath the special scratching contraption, much to the delight of visitors.

Kotzias told Storyful that he’d been around the zoo to see some of the “more exotic” animals, when he spotted a large crowd “standing in front of a fence and observing and laughing at something”.

“It was the goats, some of them interacting with each other and some going to get a scratch,” Kotzias said.

“The children were quite excited (you can hear some laughter when the first goat goes to the scratch station), and the goats seemed to be having a good time as well, they were relaxed and playful with each other,” he added. Credit: Alexandros Kotzias via Storyful

Video transcript