'It is Liverpool's time': The Responder's Tony Schumacher shares behind the scenes look at BBC show

Tony Schumacher said it is Liverpool's time as he provided a behind the scenes look at The Responder.

Season two of the crime drama has earned wall to wall five star reviews since it arrived on our screens earlier this month. Tony created the programme and channelled some of his own personal struggles when he worked as a police officer into the show.

In a clip filmed by the BBC, Tony takes viewers around the Wavertree Road custody suite, which is used as a set on The Responder. Tony said filming in such a location adds to the authenticity of the show.

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He said: "This is, I'd say an old stomping ground, but it makes it sound like I used to go marching up and down the corridors. It was a place I used to hang out when I was a bobby.

"It's a fantastic set, you're not going to get a set that sounds like that." This season of the show delves further into the background of troubled first response officer, Chris Carson, as it explores his fractious relationship with his dad.

It shows the characters roots are in Wavertree as Tony explained: "Although I never grew up around there, a lot of my mates did. I worked around there a lot when I was a kid.

"I always saw Chris' character coming from there." Liverpool is experiencing a filming boom and The Responder is a shining light of how the region is becoming a hub for high quality film and television.

Tony pointed to the development of the Littlewoods building into a campus of film and TV studios as an example of the city's growing cultural importance. He said: "On my way into work, when I'm driving in I see this new studio and sound stages going up. It's really buzzing.

"It feels like it is a time for Liverpool at the moment when it comes to film and television. That's exciting to be part of."

The Responder wears its Liverpudlian heart on its sleeve and Tony is proud of how its been embraced people in the region. He said: "Liverpool is definitely a character in this show." He added: "It's such as personal story that I had to set it in the place that I love and the place that I know so well."

The Responder continues on BBC One this Sunday at 9pm. All episodes are available to watch on iPlayer.

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