Loose Women's Denise Welch hits back at critics after heated row as ITV co-star steps in

Loose Women's Denise Welch
Loose Women's Denise Welch -Credit:ITV

Denise Welch has hit back at critics online, after she divided opinion with a staunch defence of Meghan Markle during a row on Monday's Loose Women, which saw colleague Coleen Nolan interject to try and diffuse the situation.

A long standing supporter of both Meghan and husband Prince Harry, often speaking out in favour of the couple on the ITV show, Geordie star Denise's views have often put her odds with her Loose Women colleagues and on Monday, it was guest Dickie Arbiter who she locked horns with. Queen Elizabeth II's former press spokesperson joined the panel to talk about the first anniversary of King Charles III's Coronation and it didn't take long for Denise and him to offer opposing views, as Dickie claimed that Harry has been 'rubbishing' his family since leaving the UK.

Taking aim at how the British media have treated Meghan over the years, Denise blasted: "I am just sick to death of the bashing that this woman gets. Hardly any of you mention Andrew and yet we continually berate this woman every day. I think when her children grow up and see what she goes through, I think Harry had a bloody good reason to write that book (Spare) in my opinion."

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Dickie told Denise he 'wasn't going to argue' with her, but then suggested she might have been reading 'too many tabloid stories' as she warned him not to 'disrespect' her. As host Coleen tried to calm things down, Denise told her co-star: "Don’t have a guest on and… I can say what I like Coleen!’

Denise's spat with Dickie became a big talking point online, with a number of viewers taking aim at Denise. One cruelly took aim at Denise's sobriety, something she's been very proud of since giving up drinking 12 years ago. Posting on X they wrote: "Good old Denise, surprised she can stay sober enough to be able to partake in a debate." Quick to respond, Denise quoted their post and added: "2 yrs Dougie!! Keep up"

Another referred to Denise as 'Jillian Clarey' as they branded her a 'stupid fool' an, again offering a direct response, Dense highlighted their obvious error as she remarked: "It's Julian"

Denise received a lot of support from followers, with one commenting: "Everyone pretending like Harry/Meg just woke up and went on Oprah and wrote a book. They conveniently forget the 5 years before that. Trying to re-write history. Thanks Denise for always speaking facts" with another telling her: "I was shouting at the telly egging you on! Well said!!"