Lord Alan Sugar reveals he could have died after doctors discovered fatal 'widow maker' heart condition

Deepika Rajani
Lord Alan Sugar revealed how he dodged death (Photo: ITV)

Lord Alan Sugar has revealed how he dodged death when doctors detected a fatal artery blockage in his heart.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, the Apprentice star recalled how the discovery was made hours after he had completed a 25 mile bike ride with his wife Ann.

Sugar told Morgan how his wife thought he was overreacting due to the lack of symptoms before the revelation about the condition - dubbed the widow maker - was made following a scan.

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“She came with me and she said, ‘What are we doing wasting our bleeding time here? You are a bloody hypochondriac. There is nothing wrong with you. You have got a little tweak over there and a little pain. We are standing here wasting blooming time’.

“I said, ‘Don’t worry. I just want to check it out’,” he recalled of his hospital visit.

“Anyway I go and have this thing and see the doctor, who is reading the scans, and the pair of us nearly passed out because he said to me, ‘You better go straight to A&E’.

“It was dangerous. He said it was on something called the widow’s. It was scary. Ann was shocked by it all, like I was. I understand why she felt I was being a bit of a hypo.”

“That morning Ann and I went out on the tandem. We rode 25 miles,” he added.

Lord Alan Sugar appears in the latest series of Piers Morgan's Life Stories (Photo: ITV)

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After being asked by Morgan if he was at risk of death, the business mogul replied: “Well, maybe.”

Despite his health scare, Sugar insisted that he was feeling well and has no plans to retire in the future.

“I’m happy. I’m 72, what can I say? I am very fit...I will not retire. Ann knows I’d get under her feet.

“She knows I’ve got to be busy. I’d be at home, worried about fixing the curtain rail.”