Lorraine Kelly shares Masked Singer backstage secrets

The daytime TV chat show host was unmasked as Owl and was outraged to learn some contestants hide song lyrics inside their masks.

Lorraine Kelly unmasked
Lorraine Kelly was unmasked as Owl on The Masked Singer (ITV)

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Lorraine Kelly was outraged to learn that some of her rival The Masked Singer contestants hid song lyrics inside their masks.

The 64-year-old chat show host was revealed to be Owl on the latest episode of the celebrity singing show and confessed the hardest part of taking part for her had been remembering the words she had to sing.

What, how, and why?

Lorraine reveals secret clues as unveiled as Owl on The Masked Singer
Joel Dommett told Lorraine Kelly that some Masked Singer contestants hide the words in their masks. (ITV screengrab)

Kelly opened up to host Joel Dommett when he appeared as a guest on the show after she had just been unmasked as Owl. The daytime TV star admitted she had been nervous and that she had struggled to remember the words to her songs. But she was outraged when Dommett revealed some of the contestants who have bigger heads on their costumes write down the lyrics inside to help them.

Lorraine Kelly performed as Owl on The Masked Singer. (ITV)
Lorraine Kelly performed as Owl on The Masked Singer. (ITV)

Kelly revealed: “I was quite nervous. The worst thing was trying to remember the words.” She went on “For the S Club 7 song Don’t Stop Moving, I kept forgetting that. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep is quite easy because basically it’s just ‘chirpy chirpy cheep cheep’ – even I can do that.”

Dommett told her: "This is a funny thing, little exclusive, it's happened before in a couple of costumes. You said it's hard to remember the words - when it gets taken off, sometimes if it's a big costume, they have the words written on the inside." Kelly exclaimed: "Swines! I wish I had known that.”

What else happened on Lorraine?

Lorraine reveals secret clues as unveiled as Owl on The Masked Singer
Lorraine Kelly confessed she could not see inside her Masked Singer costume. (ITV screengrab)

Kelly also revealed that there is a big green light in the centre of the stage to help contestants face the front. Like many of the previous celebrities she insisted it had been difficult to see anything from inside the costume and so host Dommett had to help make sure she stood the right way round to perform for the audience and panel.

Kelly said: "It’s so strange when you put the head on. You can’t see anything. I couldn’t see you. My eyes were under the beak but I couldn’t see anything. They said to me ‘Look for a big green light’ because that will mean you’re facing the right way, because a lot of people face the wrong way. A few times you had to [turn] me round, because I was the wrong way."

Lorraine reveals secret clues as unveiled as Owl on The Masked Singer
Lorraine Kelly revealed her eyes were hidden under Owl's beak. (ITV screengrab)

Dommett said: "It's so funny, because part of my job is not only to present, it's also to shepherd the characters. With Airfryer it happened all the time. They would just turn completely around, unknowing. I just had to shuffle them round."

Kelly added: "What's really strange - I could hear the dancers, the thumping of their feet – well, they are delicate and graceful – but until I watched it on the telly I had no idea what was going on around me."

Lorraine airs on ITV1 at 9am on weekdays.

The Masked Singer next airs on ITV1 at 7pm on Saturday 27th January 2024.

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