Lorraine Kelly in sexism row after ogling topless Poldark photo

Lorraine Kelly has come under fire for alleged sexism after ogling at a picture of a topless Aidan Taylor in Poldark.

The daytime television presenter said that she would miss Taylor, as filming for the final series of Poldark has just wrapped, and swooned as his shirtless picture appeared on the screen behind her.

“That cheers everyone up!” the 59-year-old Scottish presenter declared.

But her sofa guest, Doc Martin’s Martin Clunes, called her out on her ‘sexist’ remarks.

“That’s sexist what you just said. I could have you in a tribunal!” said Clunes.

“Do you think so?” laughed Kelly.

“If I’d said that ‘show that picture with her baps out’ I’d…there’d be trouble!” he continued.

A baffled and clearly flustered Kelly interjected: “What! He’s not got his winky out! He’s just got his chest out!”

Clunes called out Lorraine over her remarks. (ITV)
Clunes called out Lorraine over her remarks. (ITV)

“Well that’s all I was suggesting!” joked Clunes back.

While their banter certainly all seemed in good spirits, several viewers took to Twitter to applaud Clunes of his remarks.

One congratulated Clunes as being ‘bang on’ and another agreed: ‘Had it been a man drooling over a woman’s body, there would be outrage. Such double standards.’

A third user wrote: ‘Clunes is right. There is an accepted female sexism on TV when leering at men that men would be cautioned…sometimes even axed over.’

But Clunes was not done yet and went on to make some undeniably saucy innuendos. Kelly went on to discuss Valentine’s Day with the actor and asked him whether he was the romantic type.

Clunes replied: ”I gave my wife a pearl necklace in the Maldives…Next year I’m going to take her up the Delta’.”

While Kelly either didn’t pick up on the double entendre or chose to overlook it while live on air, many viewers wrote on Twitter how hilarious they found Clunes’ cheeky joke.

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