Louis Rees-Zammit surprised at home with huge personal gift

A local Welsh artist has made a stunning piece of artwork for former Wales rugby star Louis Rees-Zammit.

The Kansas City Chiefs running back is home in Wales for a few weeks before he returns across the pond to prepare for the new season.

Amongst a series of activities since being home, Rees-Zammit was surprised by contemporary pop culture artist Nathan Wyburn with a fabulous collage of his life to date, which forms a jaw-dropping image of Rees-Zammit.

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"He’s followed my work for a long time," explained Wyburn.

"So I knew he was home for a bit and contacted his family to surprise him. He just came downstairs after a Zoom call and there I was! He seemed super pleased with it and it contains images of him throughout his childhood, rugby career, his family, some social media snaps and right up to signing that huge American football contract!"

In the video, Rees-Zammit shows his appreciation as the pair have a hug, and Wyburn says: "From half myself, and all of Wales are bloody proud of you, mate."

If you would like to check out Nathan Wyburn's art then click here, he has done some amazing work for very famous people.

Wyburn has done some exceptional work over the years. In summer 2023, he created a portrait of Spiderman star Tom Holland made entirely out of a Spiderman costume. He's also done work for Billy Ocean, RagNBone Man and Jason Momoa. Down at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay - for the whole of June there is a pride exhibit of art from Wyburn made up from pizza, toast, stamps, roses, collab, glitter and more.

Since being back in the UK, Rees-Zammit has got a huge new tattoo from an Edinburgh tattooist, attended the Royal Ascot and went to the Taylor Swift gig in Cardiff. It won't be long now before the former rugby star heads back Stateside as he attempts to make the final 53-man roster for the Kansas City Chiefs.