Louis Theroux challenges Piers Morgan to a fight: ‘It would be stressful’

Louis Theroux has challenged Piers Morgan to a boxing fight, even as he admits that it could be humiliating.

The gentle-natured documentarian suggested he get in the ring with the bullish broadcaster while interviewing pro boxer Anthony Joshua for the second season of his BBC Two Louis Theroux Interviews series.

Speaking about the challenge at a Q&A about the show, Theroux, 53, said: “He’s quite big though, isn’t he?

“Does anyone remember when Grant Bovey went up against Ricky Gervais in a celebrity boxing match? It wasn’t either of their finest hours.

“This was strange. It feels like it was a different Ricky Gervais, when he would do weird reality TV, and basically Ricky duffed up Grant Bovey who was the skinny, fit one in appearances. So it might be my Grant Bovey moment.”

On what he would do if Morgan, 58, accepted an offer to step into the ring with him, Theroux said: “It would be stressful having a fight with Piers Morgan. The stressful part is he might even do it. If I take that seriously, if it was three rounds, no, I don’t want to have an actual fight with Piers Morgan. But I will do it if I have to. And that’s a promise.”

The new run of episodes in the interview series, out on 7 November, will see Theroux speak to stars from Joshua to former Libertines frontman Pete Doherty and whistleblower and activist Chelsea Manning.

Louis Theroux reckons he can take Piers Morgan (Getty)
Louis Theroux reckons he can take Piers Morgan (Getty)

Speaking about his vision for the show, he said: “The goal is to see people clearly, to explore their vulnerability, but alongside that, just as important, is to appreciate how they approach their craft, what it is that makes them special in their field and to have moments of lightness and humour.”

He said stars such as actor Tom Cruise, comedian Dave Chappelle and singer Erykah Badu are on his list of interviewees he wants to secure for season three.

Speaking about his interview style, Theroux added: “I don’t want a cuddly... I’m not a fan of love-ins. When presenters seem to be feeling more than me as a viewer, I find it off-putting. I prefer a more ambiguous, slightly more withholding presence.

“I’m not going to name names, but sometimes you see presenters and they’re just hugging and ‘oh bless’ and ‘oh you’re so brilliant’, and I’m like, ‘Calm down. I’ll decide whether they’re brilliant or not.’”

Louis Theroux Interviews series two is on BBC iPlayer and BBC Two from Tuesday 7 November at 9pm.