Louis Walsh takes brutal swipe at Bob Geldof on Celebrity Big Brother

Louis Walsh has directed his sharp tongue at yet another of his showbiz colleagues, this time sharing his distaste for Bob Geldof with his Celebrity Big Brother housemates.

The music executive, 71, has been one of the most outspoken contestants in the rebooted ITV show, expressing his candid thoughts about fellow celebrities all throughout the series.

On Monday’s edition (18 March) of the spinoff programme, Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live, viewers got a sneak peek of a conversation the housemates had had earlier that day.

The short clip showed some of the celebrities in the kitchen discussing the author of an unknown song.

When West End star Marisha Wallace asked who wrote the song, Coronation Street actor Colson Smith brought up Boomtown Rats singer Geldof. Walsh uttered a dismissive “Pfft” sound, before naming Prince as the true author.

Responding to the former X Factor judge’s noise, Wallace said: “Prince wrote that too? Prince wrote so many songs.”

Content creator Zeze Millz chimed in to probe Walsh about his reaction to Geldof’s name, and asked: “I think you’re not a Bob Geldof fan, Louis.”

Louis Walsh and Bob Geldof (Getty)
Louis Walsh and Bob Geldof (Getty)

“Well, I think he’s full of s***,” Walsh said plainly.

With a laugh, Wallace said a quick “sorry, Bob”, in case the “I Don’t Like Mondays” artist was watching.

“He’s from Dublin, I know little bits,” Walsh continued. “The Boomtown Rats were good.”

“If you’re watching Bob, sorry,” Wallace reiterated. However, Walsh was clearly unbothered about the potential of the Live Aid co-founder hearing his strong opinion, and replied: “I don’t give a f***.”

Louis Walsh offers a withering takedown of Bob Geldof on Celebrity Big Brother (ITV / screengrab)
Louis Walsh offers a withering takedown of Bob Geldof on Celebrity Big Brother (ITV / screengrab)

Elsewhere in the series, the former Boyzone and Westlife manager spoke frankly about Ronan Keating, with whom he worked closely during Keating’s stint in Boyzone and as a solo artist, before they had an acrimonious parting of ways.

After Walsh branded Keating a “p****” who hadn’t “had a hit record since I left” on the show, an audio recording from 2006 that featured Keating openly criticising Walsh was republished online.

In the clip, the “Life is a Rollercoaster” singer says of Walsh: “He’s a very selfish character. It’s bulls*** man. He’s a bulls***ter.”

Elsewhere, X Factor musical duo and twin brothers Jedward responded to Walsh referring to them as “vile” in a previous Celebrity Big Brother episode.

As well as offering their unimpressed takes directly to the camera while at TV star Gemma Collins’s house for dinner, Jedward expressed their disdain in a string of passionate social media posts.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on ITV1 at 9pm.