Love Island contestant wages have been revealed and they're jaw-droppingly low


Contestants on this series of ITV2’s Love Island may be jetting off for two month in the sun, but their fee will surprise many.

According to the Sun, the love hopefuls get a pretty low wage for their eight weeks at the villa and in front of the cameras.

Each contestant is expected to be filmed around the clock, as well as participate in photoshoots and interviews for, wait for it, £2.80 an hour.

That’s right, each potential star will earn just £200 a week for their time on the show, but a show insider reminds us that once they leave the chances of earning big money are likely: ‘All the islanders are getting £200 a week to be on the show.

‘If you break it down to how many hours they’re filming every day it’s absolutely nothing!’

While the dozen or so wannabes will go in and take away relatively little for their efforts if they don’t make it as the winning couple, the big money comes when they leave and return to reality: ‘But they know the end goal is mega-money and fame.

‘If they win, it could be £50,000 they leave with or £25,000 if they split the pot. Then they’ll make loads off the back of magazine deals and sponsorships.

‘They’re all prepared to take the hit now because this time next year they could be rolling in it!’

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes, who were last season’s runners-up bagged their own reality TV series once they left the villa – despite them now having split up.


A source said about potential earnings post-Love Island: ‘A personal appearance in a nightclub can bring in £2,000 or, if you get a deal with a fashion brand, you could earn £10,000 up front and £5,000 to £10,000 every month thereafter depending on sales.

‘If they work hard they can make hundreds of thousands of pounds – regardless of whether they win or not.’

Despite the paltry £2.80 being well below the minimum wage, they are getting a free holiday, food, drink, and- if they’re lucky – fame. Oh, and potentially love.

Catch Love Island from 4 June, at 9pm, on ITV2.

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