Lucy Hale reveals which of her Pretty Little Liars co-stars she still speaks to

Lucy Hale is still in touch with all of her 'Pretty Little Liars' co-stars.

The 34-year-old actress played the role of Aria Montgomery in the hit teen drama series alongside the likes of Troian Bellisario , Ashley Benson, and Holly Marie Combs and explained that even though it has been eight years since the show finished, they are all still om speaking terms.

She told E! News: "From the OG version, I talk to all of them. At different points in our lives, we've intersected and reconnected, but we all keep in touch. We spent so much of our lives on that show and it kickstarted all of our careers."

Lucy recently bumped into Ashley - who played the role of Hanna Marin - and was "so excited" that her former co-star had just become a mother and welcomed a baby girl with her husband Brandon Davis in February.

Lucy said: "I ran into her a couple months ago, and she looked and felt better than ever and I'm just happy. She always talked about wanting kids. It makes the most sense. I'm so happy for her."

After shooting to worldwide flame through the hit series, Lucy struggled with alcohol but earlier this year celebrated two years of sobriety.

Lucy - who has previously spoken about her struggles with alcoholism - wrote on Instagram: "I remain so grateful for another year of growth, growing pains, lessons, joys, and self realizations. To be able to show up as myself and to be greeted with such warmth and acceptance is something I do not take for granted [heart emoji]

The interactions, conversations, and moments of vulnerability from people I know, people I used to know, from people I’ve hurt, from people who’ve hurt me, from strangers and even people on the internet have given my life so much color and meaning. Those experiences have been my favorite takeaway from this last year. To every person I have connected with…thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"Lastly, if you are struggling please know you are not alone and that you do not have to trek this path alone. There is no right or wrong way to heal and it is deeply personal and unique to each of us. My only advice is to remain open hearted, curious, and to find the people who see and support you. It does get better. Take it moment by moment [star emojis]"