Driver caught out watching pornography while driving on motorway

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A driver who was stuck in traffic was spotted passing the time by watching hardcore pornography behind the wheel.

The driver, who was stuck in traffic on the M4, was filmed watching the clip on a tablet by James Osborne, who was on his way from Cambridgeshire to Devon.

James, 37, who was sitting in the passenger seat while his partner was driving, was left flabbergasted when he realised what the randy motorist was watching – and decided to film the whole thing.

Gotcha The driver's screen could clearly be seen by passing motorists (Caters)
Gotcha The driver’s screen could clearly be seen by passing motorists (Caters)

He revealed: “It was a slow journey, very start-stop, and I was just looking out of the window at the cars passing me on the left.

“The light of the screen in the car caught my eye, and I thought it looked a little bit ‘adult’, so I got my phone out to have a better look.

“When we caught up with him I was able to see it more clearly – and it was clear it was porn.

Caught out: The driver was watching porn while sitting in traffic on the M4 (Caters)
Caught out: The driver was watching porn while sitting in traffic on the M4 (Caters)

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“I told my partner, who was driving, and we were both completely gobsmacked.

“I thought, does he not realise people can see right in? It was dark outside and the screen was lit up.

“But he was just scrolling through a list of very graphic pictures, seemingly oblivious – or he just didn’t care.”

Graphic designer James added: “I couldn’t quite see into the car to see what his expression was like – or what he was doing – but it was definitely surprising to say the least.

“It was certainly a shock and very unusual – I know you see motorists doing a lot of silly things, but a driver looking at porn is the last thing you expect to see when you’re driving down the M4.”

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