M3GAN shared first look at bloodier unrated version

M3GAN reveals first look at gory unrated versionUniversal

M3GAN spoilers follow.

Clips from the upcoming unrated version of M3GAN have given fans a glimpse into the bloodier film.

Starring Violet McGraw, Allison Williams, Amie Donald and Jenna Davis, the horror film was released in the UK last month after creating a buzz online with its own viral dance craze.

Despite receiving numerous positive reviews and a 94% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, many criticised the film for its lack of gore.

Now, an unrated, gorier version of M3GAN is set for release with clips posted online showing the violence horror fans can expect.

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In one such video posted to Twitter, we revisit the death scene of Gemma (Williams), Cady (McGraw) and M3GAN's (Davis and Donald) neighbour Celia (Lori Dungey), in which the malevolent robot sprays her with chemicals she uses on her garden.

This scene is relatively bloodless in the 15-rated film, but in the unrated version, we see Celia's face begin to peel away due to exposure to the chemicals.

In another clip, we see M3GAN rip off the ears of Brandon, a boy who attacks M3GAN and Cady during a family fun day.

We see blood fly from the wound and cover Brandon before he makes his escape from the rampaging android and falls into the road where he is hit by a truck – with the clip ending just before we see the result of the collision.

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As well as this unrated version, a second M3GAN film has been confirmed.

Following its strong $30.4 million debut at the US box office and critical acclaim, Deadline confirmed the news that the film, titled M3GAN 2.0, will see Williams and McGraw reprise their roles.

As the film is in the early stages of development, there is not yet a confirmed release date for the project.

M3GAN is available to rent at home through Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu and more.

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