Machine Gun Kelly explains self-sustained bloody head injury at concert: 'I didn’t have a fork'

Machine Gun Kelly stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers, Wednesday, where he spoke about the bloody head injury he sustained while performing at Madison Square Garden in New York City the night before. Meyers joked that maybe it wasn’t a coincidence.

"Last time you were here, you'd just done the VMAs, you'd hurt your hand at the VMAs," Meyers said, "and you hurt yourself again last night at MSG."

"Yeah," Kelly replied, "I'm gonna start having doctors around me every time I see 'Seth Meyers' on my schedule."

The self-sustained injury happened when Kelly broke a champagne flute over his head, cutting his face near his right eye. Needless to say, the accident was avoidable.

"You know when you clink a champagne glass with a fork? ... Yeah, I didn't have a fork," Kelly said. "So I just clinked it on my head."

Kelly was covered in blood after the incident, and nearly reopened the wound on Late Night when he rubbed his face while wearing several rings. And Meyers pointed out that he kind of had it coming.

"You know what?" Meyers asked. "In medicine, they call that asking for it."

"Yeah," Kelly replied, "so I had a serious case of that last night."

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