Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke Reveals Harrowing Coming Out Story

Ollie Locke’s coming out scene in reality show Made In Chelsea is pretty memorable for fans of the star.

In the emotional episode, Ollie broke up with his girlfriend, Gabriella Ellis, admitting that he was bisexual and wanted space to explore his sexuality.

However, Ollie has now revealed that an entirely different coming out scene was filmed, but producers were forced to pull it when his mum complained.

The 28-year-old shared that he originally filmed a poignant piece with his mum in Hyde Park, but she eventually asked for this not to be aired because Ollie’s grandmother was not aware of his sexual orientation.

And the reason why the family struggled to tell her is heartbreaking, to say the least.

Ollie explained: “It was so, so, so serious at the time. It was a really difficult situation. It wasn’t anything to do with me coming out.

“My uncle died of AIDS in the 80s and it was Granny’s situation.

“It was Granny, she didn’t know. She associated gay and AIDS together as you would if you were 80-something and lived through that era.”

Thankfully, four years after coming out on national television Ollie and his grandmother still have a strong relationship, with the star recently tweeting: “It’s an awful cruelty to find a box of Quality Street at granny’s house to discover it’s full of felt tips!!!”

And we’re glad to hear it!

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