Madonna accused of Photoshopping her head onto fan’s body

Watch: Woman claims Madonna Photoshopped her head onto her body

Madonna has been accused of Photoshopping her head onto the body of another woman in a picture.

The Queen of Pop, 62, shared an image of herself in a Joy Division t-shirt on Instagram in 2015 – but Australian fan Amelia M Goldie has claimed it was actually her body in the snap.

The 28-year-old posted a video on TikTok that showed both Madonna’s picture and the image that she says is the original.

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“When Madonna posts a photo of herself to IG to promote her album but it's actually your body (I'm not joking),” Goldie captioned the clip.

The image was posted on Madonna's account in 2015, when she was promoting her album Rebel Heart.

"I look Kewl.........️ #rebelheart," the singer captioned the snap.

Goldie told BuzzFeed that when she first saw the picture she "thought it was a joke" but realised it wasn’t when she saw that it had been shared on Madonna’s official Instagram account.

She said she would have liked to have been credited for the picture, but added that there were "no hard feelings".

Screengrab of Amelia M Goldie's video (TikTok)
Screengrab of Amelia M Goldie's video (TikTok)

The tale sparked surprise on social media, with fans saying they were baffled by the whole thing.

"I just want an explanation lol,” said one person on Instagram, while another said it was “bizarre”.

"How embarrassing! Give Amelia credit and delete this pic," urged another person.

“Who photoshops their face on a random girl’s body and pretend it’s theirs?” asked another perplexed fan, adding: “I’m so confused!”

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Yahoo has contacted representatives for Madonna for comment.

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