MAFS UK's Peggy and Georges celebrate plans for huge relationship milestone after show

Reality stars Peggy and Georges answer the question on every MAFS UK fan's lips.

6th Commitment Ceremony Pictured: Peggy & Georges
Peggy and Georges met on MAFS UK. (Channel 4)

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Married At First Sight UK fans have been desperate to find out whether Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau stayed together after the cameras stopped rolling. And now the reality TV stars have confirmed what happened next.

Rose and Berthonneau shared the happy news that they are still together in an interview with Steph's Packed Lunch on Wednesday.

After the show's success for them personally, the Married At First Sight couple revealed they were making plans to move in together in the next big relationship milestone.

What, how, and why?

Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau might not have had the smoothest of journeys on Married at First Sight UK, but fans of the E4 dating show have been rooting for their love story to succeed.

So when they appeared on Steph's Packed Lunch on Wednesday, they had some happy news for viewers as they revealed for the first time that their relationship is still going strong in real life.

The couple hugged on the show's sofa as they spoke to Steph McGovern about meeting each other on the hit dating show where viewers saw them clash from their honeymoon onwards.

Will Peggy make the heartbreaking decision to end things with Georges after her mum's advice? (Channel 4)
The couple stayed together after final vows. (Channel 4)

But as McGovern asked whether they were still together, Rose happily flashed her wedding ring and said: "We can finally reveal we are still a couple!"

Berthonneau explained he wasn't wearing his ring as he had been told to take it off for the show to keep an element of surprise, but Rose joked: "He put it on eBay, he's already sold it."

The couple said that although they were currently living separately, they had plans to move in together.

Berthonneau said: "We're focussing on working on each other and navigating our relationship outside of the experiment.

Pictured: Peggy & Georges - Married At First Sight UK 2023. (Channel 4)
Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau had a tough time in the show. (Channel 4)

"I live on my own, Peggy lives on her own so it's about seeing each other, going on dates, building up our relationship from what we've already got. Then we're looking to move in together in the future."

Rose added: "We've talked about moving in together."

The couple were seen rowing on MAFS UK over Berthonneau making a living from streaming content, including a video where he squatted in a skimpy outfit which Rose said that she found upsetting.

But Berthonneau said: "Everything I asked for was what Peggy is. Yeah we have different views on things and different morals, but it doesn't mean we can't work at it."

Final Dates Pictured: Peggy & Georges
The couple are hoping to move in together. (Channel 4)

Talking about how they related to the other couples, Rose said: "It was difficult because you're in a pressure cooker environment and a lot of the cast had their opinions on Georges.

"They weren't shown as much as it was, but we certainly felt it, we felt isolated. There was a lot of instances where we were excluded from the group."

Rose claimed that the Berthonneau she had got to know was very different to how her co-stars saw him, but he said: "I thought (the show) was a really fair representation of how it went in our relationship."

Ahead of the show's reunion dinner party airing, she promised that there would be "a lot of drama" and said: "Dinner parties, drama is served for starter, main and dessert."

But Berthonneau said that he and his wife had ended the series well, saying: "We're the main characters in our story."

What else has been happening on MAFS UK?

Viewers felt Arthur deserved better from Laura (Channel 4)
It was bad news for Arthur Poremba. (Channel 4)

MAFS UK has reached its dramatic climax with final vows airing this week, where the show's couples decide whether or not to stay together.

One couple fell at the final hurdle as Arthur Poremba chose to stay married - but was left devastated when bride Laura Vaughan told him that she had changed her mind and wanted out of the relationship.

She said: "I have to be honest and say I’ve been troubled by a nagging doubt. I feet that I’ve carried this relationship forward by myself and worried that I’ve lost myself in the process."

Married At First Sight UK airs on E4 at 9pm Monday to Thursday.

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